Finding the Perfect Credenza

Meet our friend the credenza, or maybe you’re more familiar with the term sideboard, or perhaps even buffet?  Whichever word you prefer, it is our belief at RHD that this furniture mainstay is an extremely underrated and versatile piece.  It is the perfect addition to your foyer, hallway, office, and most commonly – the dining room. 

The credenza is great for storage – we like it for dishes and china, files, documents, spare vases, candles, and even board games!   We usually find the credenza in the accent furniture section of popular furniture sites, but we make the argument that the credenza move from the ranks of best supporting furniture, and deserves the oscar for a leading role. 

We’ve seen the credenza rising in popularity either amongst our own designers, and on interior design blogs and beyond.  With so many options and style now at your disposal, you might just have some difficulty choosing the right one so here are some credenzas with very different looks to give you some inspiration!  Lets us know what you think!


Classically Contemporary

This beauty can’t help but radiate class with its cerulean blue exterior, gold-plated accents, and perfectly symmetric drawers. This credenza would go well in your marble-floored foyer or against the white panelled wall in your penthouse dining room. You can complement its symmetry by placing two striking light fixtures on either end, or jazz it up with a record player, candelabra, or your favorite books. 

The Retro Route

This peculiarly-shaped cutie brings some flare from the past to your present space. It’s uneven surface, small stature, and geometric designs make it one-of-kind and therefore, the perfect piece to put against your accent wall. The gold picture frame, metal leaf, and glass bottles are great decor choices for this credenza and make its light wood surface pop!


Modern Mystique

This simple and sleek credenza beautifully contrasts with the more traditional wall that it leans against. It’s white finish, knobless doors, and steel legs add to its contemporary modern look and we’re loving the minimal accents that surround it. If you’re looking for a credenza that makes a bold statement without a lot of fuss, this is the way to go.


Refurbished & Repainted

Are you into antiques? Did you find a treasure in a secondhand furniture store, antique shop, or, perhaps, on the side of the road? Maybe it just needs a little extra love and attention to be the perfect credenza for your space. This light blue piece has all of the traditional features you might be looking for – decorative carvings, key-and-lock cabinets, curved legs and trim – and all it needed was a little paint to bring it to the next level. The early 20th century record player is the perfect accents for this classic piece. 


Metalling Around. 

This short and stout credenza screams versatility – its rose gold color, shape, and metal exterior make it a great match for the industrial, modern, or contemporary styles and its size make it the perfect fit for smaller spaces. Place it in an office, hallway, or an apartment-sized dining room – no matter where it is, it’s bound to stand out.


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