10 Easy DIY Pallet Wood Projects To Tackle

When we hear of pallet wood, we may usually associate it with the flat box-shaped structure used to transport goods. But if you have been to DIY home projects, pallet wood must have been one of the most used materials you are utilizing in many of your projects. Whether your project has something to do with structural or aesthetic, pallet woods can be the thing that you need.

Below are 10 DIY pallet wood projects that you can easily tackle. With only decent carpentry skills and time to spare, these projects will surely contribute to your home’s aesthetics and functionality.

Wood Pallet Bookshelf

A bookshelf made from wood pallet boards will surely stand out in a modern home. With its rugged looks, it creates a stark contrast to the otherwise lifeless concrete wall behind it. Provide your books a new place with this easy-to-make shelf that will not fail to catch the attention of anyone with an eye for rustic beauty.

Wood Pallet Backsplash

Wood pallet for your kitchen backsplash? Yes. You may only have to cut weathered wood pallet boards into uniform 1.5 feet pieces. When fitted on your backsplash, seal the pallet boards to protect them from moisture and to give a glistening effect. It will also make it easier to wipe off molds, grease splatter, and dirt.

Wood Pallet Potting Bench

A painted potting bench standing in your yard will not fail to give additional charm to your garden. Use this to put your favorite potted plants. And you should make more for your plants that are planted on smaller pots. It is so easy to make one. In just a couple of hours, you can finish this project.

Wood Pallet Outside Chair

With wood pallets, you may able to make what you think is impossible to do. Think about making a chair. But with wood pallet boards, this may come easy. A wood pallet outside chair sitting on your deck will surely make a perfect match. Adorn it with some cushion and seat pillows and you have a comfortable outside chair.

Wood Pallet Bar

Planning to have a massive bar in your home but you are on a strict budget? A weathered wood pallet bar can be the solution. With little finishing touches, you can have a rustic, yet elegant pub area in your home.

Wood Pallet Room Divider

Some homeowners may still be uncomfortable with the idea of a living room connected with the kitchen with no obstruction at all. In this case, a wood pallet room divider can do the job. It may only take a day to make a beautiful divider made from wood pallets.

Wood Pallet Garden Tools Rack

It’s about time to organize all your garden tools in one place. With wood pallets, you may be able to make a rack that can contain all your garden tools from shovels to rakes. You can also make a box made from pallet woods for your garden hose.

Wood Pallet Dining Table Centerpiece

It may be very easy to make this project. With only two pieces of long weathered wood pallets, you only have to cut it to fit into the center of a rectangular dining table. Make them shorter to leave a space on both sides of the table. Use the cut portion as a base. Paint it with a white, scrape, and finish with a transparent varnish. This elegant centerpiece can be used to hold decorative stuff like candles or you can use it to place food trays during parties.

Wood Pallet Porch Ceiling

This project may go well for someone with more advanced carpentry experience. You may need assistance if you are not confident enough to do the project. However, you will surely be mesmerized by the result. Your home’s frontage will surely transform especially if you change your current bulb with one that matches the rustic look of your ceiling.

Wood Pallet Bed Frame

Does your old bed frame creak when you change position while lying down? It may mean that you have to repair it or buy another one. But when old wood is rotting, it may be beyond repair. Save your dollars and try to salvage some free wood pallet boxes in the port near you. You can make them as your new bed frame.

You can make other worthy projects using wood pallet boards if you use your imagination. What’s best with wood pallet projects is that they are easy to make and wood pallets are still affordable.  You can also salvage some free boards from container areas and local stores.

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