Decorating Your Sleeping Space

When deciding on the finishing design touches for your bedroom, what you put around your bed can give your space the flare that it needs to feel complete. While many of us are familiar with what to put on our beds – sheets, fluffy pillows, an airy duvet, a fuzzy throw blanket – it can be tricky to decide what to do with the space around it. Though it’s a hard decision, there’s no need to give up or opt for simplicity! Here are 4 decor ideas for around your bed.



Make it Artsy.

Art is always a good way to go when choosing an above bed accent. Since your bed is most likely the focal point in your bedroom, a large and in charge artpiece hung above the headboard can bring your design vision home. You might also consider playing off the colors in the art piece by choosing throw pillows, blankets, and other decor items that complement it.



An Avid Reader’s Dream.

For some, a bookshelf might be a little out of the box. Most might not think to push their bed up against a shelf filled with their favorite reads, but it’s actually a quite classy and practical option. How nice would it be if you could just reach above your head to grab the next novel on your reading list without having to hop out of bed? Sigh.



Rear Window

If you don’t have an art piece that you’re proud of and you’re not so into the bookshelf idea, take a look around your space to see if you have any architectural features you’d like to emphasize. A window is the obvious choice and might make an enchanting backdrop for your bed. Who wouldn’t want to wake up every morning to see what awaits them outside? This option just might make each day a little brighter.



Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A mirror is almost always a safe bet when deciding on a design focal point. While it might seem strange to hang a mirror over your bed as some of us are more accustomed to hanging them above the vanity or dresser, it can actually make your room look bigger and your sleeping space brighter.

1 thought on “Decorating Your Sleeping Space”

  1. If you live in California ( as I do )
    Hanging something above the bed
    Is not a good idea, due to earthquakes.
    Painting the wall behind the bed a different color works, or using fabric.

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