Discovering Your Interior Style

Whether you’re entering a new space or just want to shake things up in your home, you’ll need to decide on which style you’re going for. Are you into sleek surfaces and futuristic features? Then you might like a more modern look. Do you prefer antique furniture pieces and elegant accents? Then you’ll probably want to keep it classic. Maybe you like exposed brick and ventilation and have a big open space to work with. Then you should definitely consider the industrial vibe. Whichever style you’re feeling, you need to make sure that it reflects your personal taste too. Here are 8 styles to give you inspiration for decorating your space.




Sleek, shiny, and simple, this modern kitchen comes together into one classy and sophisticated look. The minimalist decor and white/charcoal color scheme channel a futuristic feel and make the room look bigger. If you’re averse to pattern and clutter, you might think about adopting a modern vibe for your next interior design endeavor.




Classic doesn’t always mean renaissance antiques and gold fixtures, you can keep it classy by sticking to evergreen design features like tufted couches, wood coffee tables, and tall bookshelves. This space does a great job of combining classic with current as it also showcases contemporary lighting and a shag rug. If you’d like your space to be modest as well as soothing, the classic style is the way to go.



Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern decor is a great way to add warmth, trend, and funk to your space. The deep woods and bright accents like the seat cushion on this chair compliment each other and make this office hip as well as inviting. If you’re a fan of straight lines, peg legs, and modernistic furniture with an ode to the past, we think the Mid-Century Modern style is for you.




Simplistic Bohemian

The Bohemian style is usually filled with color and texture and is a great option for the bold and unconventional. However, if you’d rather have a few boho touches here and there than your entire space to be full-blown bohemian, then the simplistic bohemian style is what you’re looking for. You can achieve the simplistic bohemian vibe by bringing in textured pieces like this woven rug, macrame wall hanging, and hemp lamp shades. Even with the white color scheme, you’ll get the calm and earthy vibe that you were looking for.





There is something really beautiful about a space’s skeletal form which is why the industrial style still remains one of the trendiest of interior design styles. Exposed plumbing, ventilation, and structures like this concrete wall, are impactful reminders of the space’s past – maybe it was originally a factory or firehouse – and can also be contrasted artfully with your furniture and decor. If you’re into raw spaces with darker features and large windows, the industrial style would work best for you.





The Contemporary style brings in a range of styles from the second half the 20th century and features softer lines and rounded edges. Simple color schemes with soft pops of color and texture like this gold throw pillow or metallic lamp head are typical of the contemporary theme and work to make your space appear bigger. If you like to focus on the present and want your interior decor to reflect that, then you’ll want to go with a more contemporary feel.





Classic and elegant, the farmhouse style consists of light colors like white, blues, and greys, and organic features like hardwood floors and wicker baskets. Exposed paneling and beams are also distinctive of this style and only bring more charm and character to your space. While the Farmhouse style might seem country, it can be distinguished by its modern touches like this glass vase or sleek vanity.





The rustic style takes the organic feel in the farmhouse design to the next level. The rustic look often features wood paneling and wooden furniture and often incorporates other odes to nature like fur, logs, animal skin, and moose heads. Of course, you don’t have to go full-on log cabin to attain the rustic look. This wood panelled accent wall, white leather sofa, and faux skin rug bring the rustic look together in a chic and modern way.

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