8 Wall Storage Ideas For Your Kitchen Space

With the multitude of things we use in the kitchen, it is imperative to look for the best storage solutions to keep the most important part of our house well-organized. If not, efficiency and aesthetics may be compromised. You should come up with ways to store the items in your kitchen without compromising the looks of this section of your home:

Here are some wall storage ideas for you to consider to make your kitchen more functional and elegant:

Wall-Hanging Racks

Your kitchen cabinets may be full of groceries, utensils, potteries, cutleries, and other kitchen appliances, leaving not enough space for some essential items. In this case, wall-hanging racks can be of great help.

The advantage of having wall-hanging racks is that you can readily see and reach for the things you need, unlike when they are stored inside the cabinets. So when choosing the items that you are going to place on the racks, select those that you usually use, like bottles of spices, salt, and others.

Wall-hanging racks can also be used to display decorative stuff, an option that you can have if you have enough storage space in your cabinet.

Wall Knife Magnet

Some knives may have holes on their edges so you can hang them. In contrast, some may not have and may need to be placed on a knife holder or in the cabinet. So you can organize all your knives in one place, attach a wall knife magnet on the wall next to your work table where you can easily reach them.

Multi-Purpose Pegboard

A pegboard complete with hooks can store different items from recipe books, utensils, potteries, decorative stuff, and many more. Use it to hang any item that cannot fit in the cabinet or group with other items. Making use of a pegboard to hang small items will not be difficult for you to find when you need them.

Narrow Shelves on the Backsplash

Normally, a backsplash is nothing but an expansive empty space above the sink and the countertop. Make it more functional by making a series of thin shelves along its length. You can use it to place some miniature items, like wine glasses and decorative stuff, like small potted plants and candles.

Window Sills for Your Indoor Herbal Garden

Windows sills can be a perfect area to grow some herbs that you use. Make sure that you have fertile soil on some pots and plant some herbs that you usually use in preparing your meals. Try planting basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, and sage. This means you can get a leaf or two without having to leave your kitchen when you need them.

You may also store some items or other herbs on your window sills that cannot be damaged by the sun’s rays.

Hooks All Around Your Kitchen Walls

Wherever you can insert a hook on your wall, do so. This means additional space to hang some items like your apron, pots, bags you use when going to the grocery, and many other things. You can also hang foldable chairs to make your kitchen more spacious. You may never misplace a thing or two if you hang all things on these hooks because they can be seen readily.

Display Area for Decorative Kitchenware

A series of hooks on your wall can help you display your decorative kitchenware. Instead of fitting all of them inside your cabinet, it is about time to display them conspicuously altogether by hanging them on your wall. Indeed, they can help beautify your kitchen.

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Bar

While the kitchen can be the best place to have your bar to relax and unwind inside your home, it may not be advisable if you live in an apartment or condo. For sure, your kitchen has limited space for it. But that should not stop you to have a bar in your kitchen. You can opt for a wall-mounted kitchen bar. In times that you are not using the bar, you can always fold the tabletop upwards. The shelf will also contain wine bottles and glasses so they won’t need to occupy some space in your cabinets.

If you still have some space on your kitchen wall, a hanging organizer can be of great use. Store some small packages of spices or tiny kitchen tools. Labeling each pocket will help you find things easier.

Indeed, maximizing the space we have in our kitchen can make it a better workplace for preparing meals and a perfect place to entertain some guests to our humble home. Looking for the best storage solutions is always a necessity to ensure that our kitchen is well-organized.

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