10 Shagreen Decorating Ideas That Inspire

Shagreen is once again the toast of the town when it comes to interior decoration. Usually made from shark and stingray hide, this decorative material has a rich history to speak off. Among the earliest known uses of shagreen were for the Japanese samurais where it was meant to provide cushioning for better grip. But it was when shagreen was used in furniture, trinket baskets, cutlery handles, book covers, and shaving kits, among others, that it became an in-demand commodity in Europe as early as the 16th century.

Shagreen’s signature is its pebbled surface and leather-like texture which has always imbibed sophistication and splendor. But when it comes to using this shark hide by-product in decorating interiors, using less means more. It means that a small portion here and there may already create a significant impact on an entire room.

To give you some inspirational ideas on how to decorate with shagreen, here are some examples:

Shagreen Headboard and Toss Pillows

Probably, you must have encountered throw pillows with shagreen covers. Apply them to your bedroom toss pillows and match them using the same material for your headboard. This will surely transform your bedroom instantly.

Lively Nursery with Shagreen Wallpaper

With the pebbled surface of shagreen, it truly never fails to create a playful ambiance when used as wallpaper in a focal portion of your nursery room. Choose a refreshing deep-sea green-dyed shagreen and it will surely enliven your nursery.

Shagreen Floor Treatment

During the hot summer months, carpet and other kinds of rugs may not be the appropriate floor treatment. Instead, go for a large shagreen mat with bold colors. It has a cooling effect, yet it is visually warming.

Shagreen Coffee Table

A small coffee table covered with shagreen may be enough to add sophistication to the whole living room. But if you still want more, add a chest in a corner dressed in the same shagreen material. That may be enough to give your whole living room the much-needed lift.

Shagreen Neutral Wall Covers

Shagreens can be dyed into different shades. Why not choose a gray-dyed shagreen as your wall cover? It will surely level up to the overall visual effect while maintaining your minimalistic inclinations.

Shagreen Serving Tray

One of the best characteristics of shagreen is that it is water-resistant. This means that this material can be applied in kitchen structures such as a backsplash cover and cabinets. Other than that, shagreen can also be made to cover serving trays. With shagreen trays, you may not worry about water or wine dripping into them as you can easily wipe it off.

Lampshade with Shagreen Base

A table lamp can exude a little more sophistication with a shagreen base. Shagreen can be considered neutral so it can complement any other adornments you throw on your table lamp or on the tabletop itself. It may also provide a cooling contrast to the bright light emanating from your lampshade.

Shagreen-Framed Mirror

You may not need to spend on a very expensive mirror with intricate frames to add glamour to your room. A mirror framed in shagreen backdrop can give the same boost a room needs. Aside from the added sophistication, you may not have any trouble blending it with the rest of the room because it is neutral by nature.

Shagreen Bowl and Plates

Instead of a shagreen-covered dining table, beautiful shagreen bowls and plates can easily transform a dining table. This kitchenware can surely give chinaware a stiff competition when used as decorative stuff. Whether you hang shagreen kitchenware to decorate or you use them during dinner, they are just so elegant that they imbibe a positive feel.

Shagreen Kitchen Cabinets

While shagreen is water-resistant, it is also easier to clean. By just running a moist cloth over it, dirt can be removed. This makes it suitable in the kitchen and bathroom setting. Update your kitchen cabinets and bathroom drawers with this stingray hide. A more stylish kitchen will definitely be the result.

Shagreen may still be expensive when compared to other decorative materials. But because you may not need lots of it to get the desired sophistication and style you want, going for this material may still be cost-effective. Another reason why it is also cost-effective is that it is durable. It can last for a lifetime when cared for.

And should you worry that shagreen will be out of trend soon? You should not. What matters is that it will surely keep you in awe for the longest time.

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