Stylize Your Home To Make It Look Expensive On A Budget

Are you looking for ways to stylize your home? You’ve probably heard that it takes money to make money. Well, when it comes to home remodeling, it takes a lot of money to make your home look expensive. But there are ways you can add high-end style without breaking the bank. By using the tips below, you’ll be able to transform your home into an elegant and expensive space in no time!

Accent Colors

accent colors

Accent colors are a great way to draw attention to a focal point in your space. For example, if you have an accent wall that is blue and white, you can use artwork on other walls to bring in complementary reds, oranges or greens. Many people choose yellow as their accent color because it’s warm and inviting. Accent colors are not necessarily limited to single hues but can also include tones of brown, beige and yellow which would all fall under the same color family.

Furniture Layout

The first thing you should think about when arranging furniture is its layout. How much space do you have? Where will the furniture go? How many pieces of furniture will be in each room? These are all important questions to ask before beginning any design process, but especially so if you want your home to look expensive.

If you’re new to interior design, or just want a refresher on how to arrange furniture, here are some tips for making sure that what goes into your home looks like it belongs there:

  • In small spaces (like apartments), try not to have too many large pieces of furniture together. Instead place several smaller items in different spots around the room so they don’t overwhelm each other visually; this will make it appear larger than it actually is while still retaining an elegant appearance!
  • For bigger rooms (like living rooms), having multiple large pieces grouped together makes them seem even more spacious than they would be individually–just make sure they aren’t too close together so as not block windows or doors!

Framed Art

framed art

Framed art can be a great way to add color, texture and personal style to your home. It’s also expensive. You can find some very nice framed art on

Fortunately, there are ways to get the look of framed art without paying full price. Check out local thrift shops and consignment stores for used frames that are in good condition. You’ll probably have to replace the glass with new, but this is an inexpensive way to get started on your collection of framed artwork on a budget!



Lighting is an important factor in making your home look expensive. It can be used to highlight certain features, create a mood and make certain areas of your home stand out. There are several ways that you can use lighting to stylize your home:

  • Lighting should be used to accentuate a room. For example, if you have a glass-top dining table, this is the perfect opportunity for you to highlight it by placing a lampshade on top of the light bulb so that only its reflection shines onto the table’s surface.
  • Use lighting as a focal point in order to draw attention into an area or bring focus onto something else (like artwork).
  • Light up your staircase with bright lights rather than dim ones; this way people will know exactly where they’re going when they walk into your house!
  • Make sure there’s enough lighting around dinner time so guests can read their menus easily without having to squint their eyes too much!

Window Treatments

Window treatments are a great way to add style to your home. From the simplest curtains to more elaborate drapery, there are so many different ways you can dress up a window.

Blinds are another great option for window treatments. They come in many different styles (vertical, horizontal, and accordion) and materials (wooden, faux wood, vinyl). You can also find them with or without shades that snap on or roll up and down depending on how much privacy you need from outside light and view from inside the room.

Cabinet Hardware

To make a room look expensive, you just need to add some cabinet hardware. Cabinet hardware is the small details that adorn your cabinets, such as knobs and pulls. You can find traditional cabinet hardware at most home improvement stores. But if you want to make your cabinets look like they cost more than they did, consider using more ornate or elaborate designs for your cabinet hardware:

  • Use glass knobs instead of wooden ones
  • Use the same color as the cabinets but with a different finish (like matte vs glossy)
  • Use an entirely different color from your cabinetry in order to add contrast


The first thing you need to do is take a step back and look at the home as if it were someone else’s. The best way to do this is by removing your personal items from the space, including photos of your family, friends, pets and any memorabilia that might be on display.

Next, remove unused items from the home—anything that hasn’t been used in over a year can go into storage or donated to charity. Any item that doesn’t serve a specific function (such as an empty shelf or glass vase) can also be gotten rid of in favor of more functional pieces like artworks or shelves which have purpose. Finally, get rid of anything with no value—it doesn’t matter how much money was spent on these items when they were bought because now they just take up space without adding anything valuable to the room!

Fresh Paint

  • Choosing the right color. Paint comes in a wide range of colors, but how many of them do you need? Here’s a rule of thumb: If you’re working on a small room (like a powder room), any paint at all will work. A larger space like an entire living room might need two or three different colors to really make it pop.
  • Choosing the right brand. There are dozens and dozens of brands out there, so don’t despair when shopping for new paint! We recommend starting with one of these top-rated brands: Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr and Valspar (though if your current favorite brand isn’t here then don’t let them stop you from buying it!). You might also want to try out some new colors made by these companies that aren’t available on store shelves yet—they often sell samples online through their websites or at home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s!
  • Buying too much paint is better than buying too little since most painting projects require multiple coats anyway. Choose wisely between roller application versus brush application depending upon what kind of surface needs covering (elevated surfaces require rollers) or whether there are many angles involved such as ceilings which may require rolling techniques because brushes tend not to be able to reach up high enough without making drip marks which could ruin otherwise perfect lines.

Final Thoughts

If you follow the tips in this article, I promise that your home will look more expensive than it is. If you want to go a step further, try adding some inexpensive crown molding or wallpaper to create a focal point in your room. Also, don’t forget about other ways to dress up your home without breaking the bank: consider reupholstering chairs so they match better with your current set; paint over dings and scratches on wood surfaces before they get worse; or even just put down new flooring!

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