11 Shelf Designs That Are Perfect For Plants

Plants have this unique ability to transform any space into a friendlier environment. Be it the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, porch, or deck, adding some plants is the easiest way to decorate. It can instantly change the mood.

Now, if you are a plant lover, you should know how to display and arrange your plant babies properly, and this can be easily done using shelves. Here are some shelf designs that will certainly inspire you when decorating using your green friends:

Houseplants and Buddha

If you are one who wants to keep things simple, install two small shelves against your white wall. Paint the shelves in the same color to create an all-white backdrop. Put your peperomia raindrop and display it on one shelf, and use the other one for your devil’s ivy. Now, to make this corner more interesting, look for a Buddha statue in a neutral color and put it right next to one of your plants. Neat and neutral!

White on White and Greens

Do you have a huge empty wall? Leaving it like that will only create a dull area, so why not install some shelves where you can display some greens? Narrow shelves would be fine, depending on the size of the plants that you want to show off. As for the color, try white on white, meaning white walls and white shelves. Doing this would emphasize the greenness of your plant friends. Feel free to use other decorative elements.

Green vs. Green

If you are tired of white on white, then this time, try green on green. Install a shelf and use it for your small plants. Display some tall ones on the sides as well as underneath the shelf. This would work great at the entryway or hallway.


We all know how versatile wood is, and it is one of the best materials that you can use for plant shelves. Using scraps of wood, you can come up with shelves that you can utilize to display some items like old bottles and boxes, cane baskets, and crystal stones. Don’t forget your plants, of course!

Interior wooden display shelving decorated with old bottles and boxes, crystal stones, pot plants and cane baskets.

Modern Shelves in a Modern Room

Wondering how to decorate your living room? Plants and shelves are great. In this modern living room, the wooden shelves are made prettier with various plants. It’s a very lovely combination!

Crate Shelves and Greens

Green plants make this a cozy lounge. But you know what the real show-stopper is? The shelves made with crates or wood pallets. You can simply throw in a variety of plants. If this is for your reading nook, you can display your books on the shelves as well.

Simple But Nice

This piece of art would be perfect above your bed. It is super simple but it is really nice. All you need is a not-so-big piece of wood for your floating shelf. It can hold small plants and some other decorative elements.

Dramatic Piece Above the Bed

Now, if you want to go all out with your shelves and plants, this dramatic piece above your bed would do just that. Get a long piece of wood to create a single floating shelf. Pick an assortment of plants and arrange them nicely on the shelf. The thicker, the better. You’d be surprised to see the dramatic effect!

Delightful Home Office

Your home office doesn’t have to be dull and boring. With a combination of some plants and shelves, working long hours wouldn’t be so bad. In fact, seeing beautiful greens all over your workplace would make you feel more relaxed and inspired.

Dark Wall Shelf

With this dark wall shelf with an empty gold frame, glass vases, fresh plants, and cactus, a rather boring corner will certainly become livelier. You don’t have to crowd it with a lot of plants. A little bit here and there with some decorative stuff would do the trick.

Tiny Touches

If you have a small place, you can still decorate it with plants and shelves. But instead of going big, opt for tiny touches. As simple as this wood slab artisan metal frame shelf with a houseplant would add beauty to your tiny space.

Shelves are versatile. They can be made with different materials. But be it wood, metal, or even plastic, it’s all about how you design and decorate them that matters. With the right arrangement, built, and choice of plants and decorative items, you can transform any space in your home almost instantly.

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