Make your Room Look Bigger with these Painting Techniques

Are you looking to create more space in an area of your home? Well, renovations can be extremely expensive and if complex, may take months to complete. On the other hand, wall painting is relatively inexpensive and time-efficient, and when executed strategically, can effectively create the illusion of space.




Keep it Light.

Lighter hues work with natural light to eliminate shadows and brighten dark corners. Light invites light which will only open up your space – expanding it outwards and upwards. Using lighter furniture and linens to decorate your room will also add to the illusion and will help cast away the darkness.




Give it an Accent.

Accent walls may seem played out but they’re still an effective design tool to make a room appear larger and if executed artfully, can be quite classy. By accenting one wall with one color that’s different from the rest, you create a focal point and the illusion of elongation. You can achieve this with almost any color. Try gray or sand if you’re into a more modest look, charcoals or black for a stark vibe, or something off the books! Colors like orange, red, or yellow might just give your space the pop that it needs.




Raise the roof.

You can create the illusion of tall ceilings by painting your ceiling a color that’s lighter than your walls. Brighter ceilings will not only open up your space but it will also invite more light in.




Break it up.

Breaking up color can create dimension in your space, making it seem longer or wider. You can achieve this by painting sections of your walls with different hues, or leaving posts or exposed beams unpainted.





It can be difficult to strategically use complimentary color. When considering a paint color, think about what you’ll be putting in the room first. Do you have a green velvet couch that would really pop in front of a lavender wall? Do you have throw pillows from which you can pull color inspiration? Using complimentary colors in your space will create a cohesive and balanced feel and, ultimately, make it seem more spacious.

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