9 Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas For Inspiration

With the growing importance of a kitchen in a modern home, it is but natural that it is the part of a house that is updated frequently. Unlike in the past when the kitchen is limited to food preparation and dining, the kitchen in modern homes is now used for almost any domestic activity except maybe for sleeping, grooming, and satisfying other personal needs.

The traditional kitchen was separated from the living room by a door or is blocked by a massive cabinet. In contemporary setting, however, houses have become more free-flowing. The living room and kitchen are adjoined with an imaginary demarcation line or a kitchen bar separating these two parts of a home. This makes it important to update the kitchen as a modern kitchen is also used for entertaining guests and as a place to relax.

Updating the kitchen will not be complete without prioritizing the backsplash. It always occupies a conspicuous location in a kitchen. Although the backsplash may seem like an empty space with no useful value, it can be the perfect vehicle to upgrade your kitchen aesthetics.
Here are some inspirational ideas to update your backsplash:

Bricks for a Perfect Contrast to Your Modern Kitchen

Brick designs or actual bricks on your backsplash can tone down the brightness of a modern kitchen. It can imbibe a cozy and traditional feel to your favorite part of the house. The contrast it makes will help any visitor to appreciate the modern furnishings you have in your kitchen even more. Brick backsplashes will surely go a long way, so you need not worry about changing it in a few years.

White Subway Tiles for a Minimalist Kitchen

Using ceramics as your backsplash can be both aesthetic and functional. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean. You can just run a damp cloth and stains can be removed. If you have white walls, white subway tiles can add texture to your kitchen wall. To increase its aesthetic effect, use a charcoal colored grout to achieve an elegant-looking backsplash.

Stainless Steel Tiles for a Contemporary Ambiance

If you want a modern look for your kitchen, using stainless backsplash tiles can be the best way to go. Its design flexibility makes it an excellent choice for backsplashes in homes that want to exude modernity. It is very easy to maintain like subway tiles. Its advantage, however, is that it can last for a lifetime even if exposed to unintentional beatings.

Copper Tiles for a Classic Look

Copper backsplashes can be installed in modern houses for a rustic and classic look. Copper is malleable steel that when formed into squares can be used to create a sleek and stylish backsplash. It imbibes a charming and artistic feel that anyone with an inclination to arts will surely appreciate this backsplash idea.

Marble Backsplash Is Impeccable

You won’t find any fault when using marble as your backsplash. Your kitchen will surely look impeccably clean and elegant; it can easily transform a tired and tested kitchen into a kitchen that has a lot of energy. Marble also needs low maintenance, so it makes cleaning your kitchen easier to do. You can have a clean and spotless backsplash all the time.

Tin Tiles for a Vintage-Looking Kitchen

Delicately designed tin tiles can give a vintage feel. They can be painted into different colors but going for their natural silvery shade without the shine adds more to their charm. There are fewer modern houses going for tin tiles nowadays, so having them as your backsplash means that you may be the only one in your neighborhood with tin tile backsplash. It is only when you are unique that you can stand out, so does your backsplash.

Wood-Inspired Laminate for a Natural Look

If wood tiles can be used, it must be the best way to have a nature-themed backsplash. But because wood decay faster when exposed to water, which cannot be prevented in the kitchen, wood is not an excellent material for backsplashes. Instead, you can use laminates for the same effect. This can be the most affordable backsplash option.

Artificial Stones for a Rustic Feel

This may have a similar effect with that of a brick backsplash. The difference is that manufactured stones may have different shades which can create an even more stunning visual effect. The rustic feel of manufactured stones as backsplash can be very much appropriate for ultra-modern houses in cities to create a well-built and solid feel.

Glass Backsplash That Illuminates a Dark Kitchen

Whether you choose a plain frosted, or painted glass for your backsplash, your dark kitchen will glisten up. You can easily wipe of dirt but you may have to be careful with unintentional force on it not unless you use fiber glass.

Indeed, you can never get your desired result when updating your kitchen without upgrading your backsplash. Choosing the best backsplash can be the best way to easily transform a kitchen.

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