5 Top Rules of Interior Design

If interior design doesn’t come naturally to you, decorating your home can feel daunting, chore-like, and laborious. It can be very overwhelming and as a result, can lead to minimal execution and procrastination. However, the truth is that almost everyone wants to enjoy the space they live in and they have the ability to turn it into something that they’re proud of – they might just need a little guidance. Here are 5 Interior Design rules to follow when taking your first design steps.




Optimize Lighting

In the world of interior design, lighting is essential. Lighting can completely change the vibe of your space from cold and drafty to warm and inviting. It can make a small room appear much larger and can also have positive effects on your mood. If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of natural light in your space, use lighter colors to play off that light, hang mirrors to reflect it, and try not to drown it out with heavy curtains or shades. If you lack natural light, make sure you have adequate lighting throughout the room. While many people might default to one, measly overhead lamp, these lights can sometimes create a superficial feel in a home. Place table lamps and floor lamps around your room to add warmth.




Color scheme

Your color scheme represents you in your space! It’s the best way to show off your personal style, taste, and flare, and when executed correctly, can make your space look larger. If you’re unsure what your color scheme should be, try finding inspiration in an object – maybe your favorite throw pillow, duvet cover, or painting. Incorporate complimentary colors to give your space more depth and intrigue. And don’t forget to have fun while doing it!




Clutter Isn’t Cute

If there is one thing to avoid when decorating, it’s clutter. While too little decor won’t do you any justice in showcasing your personal style, clutter will consume your space and come off as messy and senseless. To avoid too much clutter, don’t cover every surface with tchotchkes, keep corners clean and sleek, and abstain from piling or stacking on the floor. If you can bring yourself to do it, pack the extra away in boxes to use later or simply let it go. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.




Stylish Instead of Busy

It’s easy to get a bit too enthusiastic about your space’s design and this can often lead to contrasting and even clashing styles coming to life in one room. You might have 5 different linen patterns you want to use with wall paper and an abstract rug. Using too many design elements in one space rids it of a focal point and makes it look busy. Like clutter, too much design can also make your room look smaller. If you feel like your design strategy is falling off course, take a step back and reconsider. Pick 2 of your favorite patterns and develop a color scheme based on your choices. Your space will go from distracting to stylish and have a much more serene feel for you to enjoy everyday.





Scale is Key

When strategizing layout, you must pay attention to scale. For example, you don’t want to put a king size bed in a 12 x 9 area or place a 5 x 3 rug in a grand living room. Scale becomes a big factor when choosing your furniture and decor so be sure to measure your space and your pieces before making a final decision. It could be the difference between a strong/chic statement and a fluke.

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