Guest House Designs That Are Very Inviting

A house that has curb appeal is an instant hit with anyone who sees it. Your home can be beautiful on the inside, but it takes away from it if it looks shabby outside. This understanding means that the outside of your cottage is essential like the inside would be to you. 

What is encouraging about this curb appeal idea is the number of choices you will find. There are so many designs you can take inspiration from to make your guest house stand out. If you are looking to build or already have one, then maybe these guest house designs will give you the vision you desire.

Allwood Solvalla

The Allwood Solvall design is a prefab house that you can order from Amazon. This structure isn’t your typical guest house, but many people love the style it brings to any area. The design has windows, and doors like any other home would but is a small home. The Studio Cabin Kit was very popular with those seeking an alternative for a guest house.

Mini Guest House

The traditional guest house way is fast becoming a thing of the past. Persons opt for smaller, convenient structures that fit in their property, either at home or elsewhere. The size of the building allows individuals to choose a spot that doesn’t need to be significant. Tiny houses have become a norm now for many landlords to have on their property.

Fanciful Guest House

You can have your fancy cottage as a guest house that will invite those who occupy its environs. The key to this design is the colors and materials you use and the style of the home. To top things off, a lovely garden that has that whimsical effect as though you were living in a storybook.

Old Farmhouse

The old farmhouse look is quite inviting, and the rustic appearance is very desirable. Many designers and homebuyers are into the rustic look and will find this type of design appealing. If you add some stone for a pathway with some flowers, plants, and potted plants, you have the making for a serene getaway.

Seaside Retreat

A guest house by the beach or close to a seashore is a very chic idea. This design is very open, which allows its occupants to have views of the water and surroundings. You may want to add a loft to this style, which offers you a better vantage point to enjoy the views all around. Adding a few plants and lush vegetation will make this retreat feel homey.

Reclaimed Wood

Building your guest house out of reclaimed wood is a brilliant idea. This wood is cheaper and looks great if used properly. Many designers and builders have found this type of lumber fun to use and love the finished look. Think outside the box and come up with a fantastic design that will have your peers jealous.

Poolside Guest House

It sure is an incredible feeling to wake up, open your doors, and see a pool waiting to be used by you. Well, that is just the feeling this poolside guest house would give if you found yourself living in it. The house has extra roofing on both sides, which increases outdoor living. The bonus is the pool; it improves the entire look of the home and is functional.

Victorian Look

It may surprise you to know that many persons are into the old Victorian look. Your guest house will stand out if you designed it to mimic this old-fashioned style of architecture. Don’t forget to add some flowers to those window frames to give it a more exquisite appeal, add some different plants around the home, and a garden improves the curb appeal. 

Pavilion Guest House

You can build a cozy guest house and tuck it away in some secluded part of your yard or somewhere you can find. These homes are usually in their owners’ yard space, so that you will need enough space for this project. Create your pavilion-styled home with large timber frames, add a fire pit and some chairs outside, and you good to go.


These days no guest house idea would be complete without a treehouse as an option. For some builders, a treehouse is a big business, and from watching many shows about them, you would see why that is so. Adults and children both love the idea; being up in the trees makes you feel the awe that can be hard to explain.

Have you already built your guest house? Maybe you want to renovate or build one? Whichever one applies to you, I am sure you will find these designs exciting. Look at them and create your house design that could find its way in someone’s article or television show as an appealing style to have.

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