6 Hanging Pieces That You Should Consider As Premiere Focal Points

Focal points are one of the most important design features in a space as they bring all the elements of the room together. Focal points can come in many forms – they can be furniture pieces like sofas or headboards, architectural features like windows or fireplaces, or design techniques like accent walls. However, the most common focal points are usually hanging objects. Here are 6 hanging pieces that you should consider as the premiere focus of your space.




We’ll start with the obvious choice – art pieces like paintings, drawings, and sculptures can make powerful statements in any room. If you have an art piece that you love, you might curate your interior design strategy from that piece by using it for color and texture inspiration. Hang your favorite piece above your headboard, sofa, or credenza.





Mirrors aren’t just for looking – they can be bold and elegant and as a result, the center of attention in any room. They are great tools for brightening up a room as they reflect natural and fluorescent light, and their dimensions can also make your space look bigger. Once you find a mirror that reflects your personal taste, hang it above the mantel, over a console table, or lean it against a bedroom wall.





A display shelf is an effective way to grab the attention of the room with your personal style. In addition to being a great storage strategy for your personal items, shelves can show off your favorite trinkets, books, and art pieces. And, don’t forget to add light and plants to give your shelf a lively boost. If executed correctly, your simple white shelf can be transformed into a design masterpiece.





Maps are design favorites and can add a classic look to your space. World maps are the obvious choice and can make an impressive statement when hung above a mantel, wardrobe, or a desk. If you’re an avid traveler, you might invest in a scratch map so you showcase all the places you’ve visited. If you’re into a more modern look, city and transportation maps are trendy alternatives.





Tapestries can bring a refreshing combination of informality and beauty to your space. While it might be difficult to find a unique and superior tapestry as you might get lost in a web of mass production and low quality, you can find a real treasure if you dig a little deeper. Search for a tapestry that displays the work of your favorite artist, a peaceful landscape, or just a calming design. Hang your tapestry above your bed, on your ceiling, or behind your armchair.





If you’re feeling indecisive, you can pull several of the items listed in this post into one focal point by creating a collage. Gather your favorite prints, paintings, maps, and photos, and scatter them across the wall. Hang some high, some low, some centered, and some off to the side. Once you’re finished, you’ll have a design masterpiece before your very eyes.

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