5 That We Love: Fireplaces

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, then you probably know its value. Fireplaces are much more than sources of heat, they are sites for social gatherings, relaxation, and contemplation. Fireplaces can also be powerful focal points as they are often bold and striking, and are the first design feature that one sees. Here are 5 fireplaces that are doing their spaces justice.



The Relic

Timeless and elegant, this fireplace doesn’t need much to capture the attention of the room. It’s creamy white color brings a contemporary twist to its colonial carvings, and the untouched firebox reveals its long history. A simple gold mirror and a few glass items are the perfect accents to complete this classic beauty.


Chic Convenience

This corner fireplace is as convenient as it is stunning. It might not be centered on the wall, but it definitely catches your eye and introduces a chic, contemporary vibe to this space. This style is perfect for smaller rooms as it offers more versatility for furniture placement. If you’re moving into a condo or townhome, this might be one to consider!



The Brick Beauty

We’re loving everything about this outdoor fireplace. It’s sheer height and depth alone create a whimsical feel on this patio, making it the perfect scene for a cozy fireside chat or evening drinks. Even though it’s built of the same brick as the wall that surrounds it, it boldly stands out and makes a statement.



This double-sided fireplace is a dream come true. Set in the middle of the room, it acts as a centerpiece as well as a decorative accent. The concrete breast brings an industrial element to the space and the two sides allow more light to flood into the room. Everyone can enjoy this fireplace whether you are sitting at the dining table, lounging in the living space, or daydreaming in front of the sliding doors.



The Modern Globe

This futuristic bubble of fireplace is the perfect accent to this modern bathroom. Nothing seems quite as good as getting into a hot bubble bath after a hard day’s work and watching the glow of the fire. The fireplace’s chromatic surface and hanging feature transports this space to another time.

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