6 Essentials for Decorating a Shelf

Shelves have the ability to be strong and impactful focal points in a room. Not quite sure what to hang above your bed? Do you have extra knick knacks and decor that you need to place in your home? A well decorated shelf could be just what you need to not only house your most precious possessions but create a statement in your space. Here are 5 items you should consider for your shelf.




Almost all of us have used shelves to store our books. However, books aren’t just sources of knowledge and entertainment, if organized strategically on a shelf, they can be aligned into a decor statement. You might choose to stack or stand them in a color coded formation – rainbow style, black and white, or monochromatic. Any of these options will transform your shelf from a basic storage method to an inspired display.




Art Pieces

Shelves, specifically floating shelves, are great for displaying your favorite prints. If you have 2 or 3 paired pieces that you’d like to keep together, consider sitting them on a shelf above your sofa or bed. A shelf will give you the option to add in other small pieces like sculptures, terrariums, or these painted plates.




Small sculptures

Little items and sculpture are perfect add-ins to fill in empty space on your shelf. Consider small bowls, vases, glass characters, tiny boxes, and heirlooms to give your shelf a touch of your history and personal style.




Lighting is an important addition to your shelf design and can even be a necessity if your shelf is in a dark room or corner. In addition to small table lamps, battery-operated fairy lights can be very elegant and will give your shelf a warm and whimsical feel. Candles are always a good choice, just be sure to keep them in candle holders to avoid any accidents.




Plants can act as focal points on your shelves or can just be cute little accents – no matter how you use them, they are essential. Set a potted pothos on your shelf so the vine cascades off the side or place small terrariums filled with succulents on top of stacked books. Plants will gracefully live among the other objects on your shelf and give your space some life.

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