5 Textures to Incorporate into Your Space

When designing your space, texture is just as important as color. Learning how to incorporate different textures into one space can be tricky but it can be done if you know how to use them. Here are 5 textures that you don’t want to forget!




Elegant, warm, and soft, velvet is a great texture to introduce to your living room or bedroom. While its use in interior design has been associated with winter in the past as it is a thicker and warmer fabric, we’re now seeing velvet in decor magazines and home goods stores all year round. Velvet items like armchairs, sofas, and throw pillows will all help bring a cozy and classy feel to your space.




Sleek and modern, metallics will bring your space into the 21st century. Metallic objects are powerful when paired with other textures and can often be the focal point in the room. Metallics like gold, brass, and copper will warm up your space while steel and chrome will cool it down. Whatever temperature you’re feeling, keep an eye out for metallic items like candle holders, coffee tables, planters, and shelves to add to your space.



Faux Fur

You can still achieve that nordic chic vibe without getting into trouble with PETA. Faux has become so trendy that you can now purchase a quality faux blanket on a budget. While it’s probably not your summer go-to, there’s nothing better than curling up with a book in a fur nest of your own making on a cold winter morning. Accents like faux throw blankets, rugs, and pillowcases are the way to use this furry texture.




This might be an obvious one as wood has been repeatedly used in household decor for centuries. The trick is to not use too much wood in your home. Try to avoid wood paneling, as chic wood paneling is expensive and hard to execute properly. Go for fewer and bigger pieces like dining tables, credenzas, headboards, or wooden beams to make a statement. Classic is always cute as long as it’s done right.




If you’re willing to splurge for style and convenience, then you should consider adding some leather to your space. While it is one of the more expensive textures, it’s classic and versatile, and it’s easy to clean! Leather sofas, armchairs, and dining room seats can be great focal points for any space.

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