Window Sills Need Love Too

When thoughtfully decorating space, we remember to place pictures on the mantel, books on the coffee table, lamps on side tables, and tchotchkes on the shelves; but there is one surface that tends to get overlooked. Window sills often have design potential that we don’t immediately see and when utilized artfully, can take your space to the next level. This article will showcase the essential items that you should consider for your window sill and how to bring them together in a way that transforms your window sill from an architectural feature to an ornamental design piece.


Give it some Life.

You know what this means… PLANTS. This might be considered the obvious decor route as windows are sources of light but that doesn’t mean your little window sill can’t be original to your taste. Are you an avid cook? Use your sill to grow herbs and spices. Do you want to develop your greenthumb? Create a mini garden with different plant species of all shapes and sizes. Whatever plant path you choose, you can create a striking space with colorful pots and hanging fixtures.



Keep it Glassy.

Glass reflects and channels the lights which makes it a great design feature for a window sill. Glass vases, bottles, sculptures, and hanging fixtures can all add a little translucent beauty to your sill and even make your space appear brighter. Keep it fun and vintage with bright and contrasting colors, or adopt a more industrial look by using dark blue, emerald, clear, or glazed glass items.


Light it Up.

Twinkly lights aren’t just for holidays and dorm rooms. When used creatively, they can add a great deal of class and warmth to your space. Whether it’s curtain string lights that you hang from the window, fairy lights to accent your mini garden, or candles of all shapes in sizes for a cozy and romantic vibe, a lighted sill might be just the touch you need to create an inviting environment.


Make it Cozy.

If you’re lucky, you might have a window sill large enough to be used as extra seating. If this is the case, you’d be crazy not to transform it into a cozy window seat where you can read, drink your morning coffee, and daydream. You’ll need a few items to achieve this – throw pillows, window cushions, a soft blanket, a reading lamp, and maybe a shelf – and to make sure it looks amazing, don’t forget to incorporate different colors, textures, and patterns.



Bring it Together

Now that you know 4 great ways to decorate your window sill, don’t be afraid to bring them all together. Dangle some twinkly lights over your window seat to maximize that warm and cozy feel, fill your glass bottles with a pothos vine or spring flowers, or entwine fairy lights throughout your mini garden. Bring one or all of the ease items together and watch your window sill turn into one of the prime focal points of your space.

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