8 Porch & Patio Essentials – Summer Edition

Is this the summer to finally transform your outdoor space? If your porch or patio needs a total revamp, there are a few necessities that you shouldn’t overlook. Here are 8 essentials that will turn your outdoor area from an unused area to a functional and flourishing space equipped for relaxation and entertainment.



Comfortable Furniture.

Outdoor furniture can often be stiff, knobby, and rickety. If you want to fully utilize your outside space to enjoy meals, socialize, and entertain, comfortable furniture is essential. Try not to settle for the thin couch cushions or flat bottomed chairs – go for extra cush. It’s also important to have enough seating and surfaces to ensure the functionality of your space. Incorporate a coffee table, side table, and even a dining table so there’s plenty of room for you or others to place a coffee mug, beverage, or dinner plate.



Outdoor Rugs.

Outdoor rugs are a great way to bring the different colors and patterns of your porch or patio, together. You might even use your outdoor rug for color scheme inspiration. Outdoor rugs, usually made of polypropylene or polyester to sustain durability and stave off mildew, have become so essential that you can purchase them at almost any home goods store, hardware store, rug retailer, or online distributor.




Ventilation is key, especially in the hot summer months. There’s nothing worse than having an amazing outdoor space that you can’t enjoy because of uncomfortable heat and humidity. Ceiling and floor fans are just what you need to take your space from unbearable to enjoyable. Fans can also be effective in deterring pests like mosquitos and flies, as they can’t easily navigate through the strong breeze.




You want to be able to enjoy your space at any time of day – morning, noon, and night! Lighting is essential to not only the functionality of your space but aesthetic feel and vibe. It might seem obvious, but good lighting can be the difference between a drab event and a fun and upbeat, social gathering. Don’t be afraid to try out different types of lighting like hanging fixtures, twinkly lights, and lanterns in order to accomplish a warm and inviting atmosphere.



A Doormat.

This might seem obvious but if you don’t have one already, be sure to get a doormat to lay in front of your porch or patio door. With all of the entertaining you’ll be doing outside, you don’t want your guests to track the dirt and grime that’s on their shoes inside every time they go to grab an appetizer or use the bathroom. A doormat is just one easy step to a cleaner home.




Your outside space might be surrounded by a garden or lawn, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t liven up your porch and patio too. Surround your outdoor furniture with potted plants, big and small; hang pothos in baskets and glass terrariums from the porch beams; and affix flower planters from the porch railing. Adding more vegetation will only contribute to the calm and healthy feel of your space.



The Little Things.

Decorative accents aren’t just for the inside of your home – smaller objects like coasters, placemats, and candelabras will add depth to your space while also serving a functional purpose. Afterall, you don’t want your outdoor coffee table to develop water rings. You should also consider adding art pieces like small sculptures, wall hangings, and paintings – art will add quite a bit of originality and further highlight your personal taste.



Pop of color.

When consulting furniture catalogs and online retailers, you might see a lot of the same color options – beige, gray, black, brown, maybe a navy or red here and there. It might be difficult to find a couch or table that comes in the exact color and style that you love but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on showing off your great taste. Accentuate your outdoor pieces with deep blue flower pots, yellow throw pillows, metallic candle holders, or patterned foot rests.

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