The Art of Throw Pillows

Are you feeling the urge to switch it up? Do you want to make some significant changes in your space but don’t have the money to buy a new couch or headboard? Throw pillows are some of the best accents for living areas and bedrooms, and can shake things up if you’re feeling a bit bored with your room’s aesthetic. However, just like with every design strategy, finding the right throw pillows isn’t as easy as it looks – here are a few guidelines to follow when adding throw pillows to your space.



Be Color Conscious.

When considering color for your throw pillows, it’s helpful to think about what’s already in the room. Is there a rug from which you can find color inspiration? Do you have a colorful bookcase filled with beautifully vibrant book covers that you’d like to be more prominent in your space? You should also incorporate contrasting colors – add a blood orange throw to your olive/gray sofa or place a yellow velvet pillow on your eggplant purple armchair. 



Pick Your Patterns.

Color isn’t the only quality to consider – dive into patterns when selecting your throws. Striped, floral, abstract, or dotted, patterned throws will add depth and intrigue to your space and beautifully break up solids and color.



Velvet, silk, beads, & more.

Just like patterns, textures will make your space more unique and aesthetically interesting. When considering texture, you should first think about the vibe you want your space to convey. You might use fluffy, softer textures for children’s rooms, coarse or bumpy textures for outdoors spaces, and velvet fabrics for your bedroom. It’s also fun to mix it up – pull together a few textured and basic throws on your sofa, for the perfect design equilibrium.



Don’t Overdo It. 

We know, throw pillows are the best and it might be hard not to get too enthusiastic when decorating. You might have many throws that you want to show off but your living areas should still be functional. Your throws shouldn’t expand the length of your couch or extend farther than 3 feet from your bed’s headboard- you still need space to lounge and relax! Try to limit your throw pillows to 6 or 7 at a time, and remember that in interior design, less is almost always more.



Don’t Be A Minimalist.

Just like too much decor can look cluttered and busy, too little won’t do your personal style justice. While simplicity might make your space easier to clean and organize, you’re not going to achieve design excellence if you starve your space of items and color – it will just end up looking cold and sterile. Adding a few throw pillows to your bed or sofa, even if it’s just 2 or 3, can drastically enhance the atmosphere of your space and add that little hint of flavor that it needs.

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