11 Storage Hacks Ideas By IKEA IVAR

For over 50 years now, IKEA, which is one of the most popular sellers of ready-to-assemble furniture and other home products, has been producing a storage system. Part of this is the so-called IVAR cabinet. It is actually a very simple cabinet that comes with a fiberboard back panel. The rest are usually made with untreated, solid pine.

Although the IVAR cabinet is good on its own, it also welcomes sprucing up. There are thousands of ways you can upgrade this storage cabinet. You just have to keep your creative juices flowing. And to inspire you, here are excellent IKEA IVAR storage hack ideas:

Design With Masking Tape and Furniture Chalk Paint

If you are decorating a nursery room or maybe redesigning your toddler’s bedroom, this hack is an excellent option for you. Install the IVAR on the wall, about 1 to 2 feet from the floor, and design it using masking tape and some furniture chalk paint. This stylish wall-hung cabinet will provide you with additional storage space for books, toys, or even clothes.

Give It the Boho Look

Aiming for a Bohemian-style room? Give your IKEA IVAR cabinet that Boho look by simply covering it with a basket weave canvas material, which you can buy from the store. Just glue it on the doors. And to make the cabinet itself more stable, feel free to install some metal or wooden legs.

Add Some Diagonal Elements

Transforming your traditional IKEA furniture has been made easier because a lot of companies nowadays sell different materials to decorate it with, like the diagonal elements that you can see on the image. First, paint the cabinet in whatever color you want and then glue the material using wood glue. As simple as that!

Cover It in Removable Wallpaper

Since the IKEA IVAR has flat surfaces, covering it with removable wallpaper should not be that hard. Simply measure the surfaces of the furniture and then cut a piece of wrapping paper big enough to cover the surfaces. One advantage of this option is you have plenty of designs to choose from, depending on the theme of the room.

Go for a Tone-on-Tone Effect

This right here is probably one of the easiest hacks that you can do to your furniture. All you have to do is to paint the cabinet the same color as your wall so you can create a tone-on-tone effect. It would be a fancy blend!

Add a Countertop

If you want your IKEA furniture to be more functional and long-lasting, one great option is to add a countertop. There are plenty of choices when it comes to the color of the countertop itself. You can paint the cabinets as well. This storage solution would be perfect for a hallway or even an entryway.

Do a Custom Paint Job

Doing a custom paint job will certainly make your cabinets stand out, more so if you paint them in bold colors. Forget about the neutral palettes this time and look for something bright. You are free to add bigger knobs to the furniture as well to make it easier to open or close them.

Combine Decoupage With Chalk Paint

The combination of decoupage and chalk paint is amazing. But instead of following the dated decoupage that your grandma has taught you, take inspiration instead from the trendy interiors. Who wouldn’t love those super pretty oversize flowers?

Add some white furniture legs too and don’t forget to secure them with nuts and washers.

Apply Three-Dimensional Overlays

Applying three-dimensional overlays is also an incredible way to transform your IVAR. And trust me, there are millions of motifs that you can purchase. The first step though is to apply white semi-gloss paint. It would be nice to install some pretty legs on your furniture as well.

Try the Rattan Trend

With this hack, you need to modify the cabinet doors so that you can add the rattan webbing much easier. Yes, you will be required to use some basic power tools. It should not be that hard because there are tons of videos that you can watch. Bottom line, you will surely love the outcome!

Use Washi Tape

This right here is another super easy hack that will give your IVAR a brand-new look. You don’t need paint or a wood stain.  Using washi tape, your cabinet will be more beautiful in just a few minutes.

I hope you found some inspiration from these ideas on how to hack your IKEA IVAR. Which one is your favorite? Try it soon and I can guarantee, you’d be surprised at the result.

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