10 Chair Plan Ideas For Outdoors

Entertaining your guests or simply hanging out with friends and family should not be limited to your living room or kitchen. You can do it outside but, of course, you have to add some extra seating to your deck, porch, or yard. Some of you might be hesitant to do this because you think that outdoor chairs carry a hefty price tag. But have you ever thought of building them on your own? And, no, they are not that difficult to build.

With these chair plan ideas for the outdoors, you can get started with your project soon, saving you a lot of money while beautifying your outdoor space.

Porch Swing Bed

There is no better way of relaxing on your porch than on this swing bed. You can lay on it while reading a book or gazing at the sunset…in style! You also have the option to customize this porch swing bed using comfy cushions as well as throw pillows.

First, you have to build the frame followed by the posts. Add the rails and then fill the holes and stain. The last step is to add the screw. You can then hang your swing bed. Visit plankandpillow.com to see the entire plan.

Farm-Inspired Porch Swing 

This farm-inspired porch swing is perfect for summer. And it is a must-have if you are aiming for a farmhouse-style home. Look at it. It is super gorgeous, plus it is functional. To make it more comfortable to sit on, put a crib mattress on it. See the supplies needed, complete instructions, and diagrams at howdoesshe.com. Start building it the next spare moment you have!

Macrame Lawn Chair 

With this DIY macrame lawn chair, you can utilize a metal lawn chair that is in need of a facelift. If you don’t have one, you can order a chair frame. You will also need about 200 yards of craft cord, crochet hooks, lighter, and scissors. One good thing about this project is you can utilize different weaving techniques. You can see exactly how this nice lawn chair is done at My French Twist.

Kids Picnic Table 

Soon it is going to be summer again and, of course, we all love to enjoy picnics with our loved ones. This picnic table can be a kids’ zone while they enjoy eating bbq or working on their coloring books. As for the construction, allow your children to do simple tasks.

This project, which you can find at bitterrootdiy requires tools and supplies like a miter saw, drill, orbital sander, clamps, exterior wood glue, tape measure, etc. It is very important that you have the right cuts of wood, too.

Simple Patio Chair 

This right here is a multifunctional chair that you can easily recreate at home. Imagine yourself sitting on it while enjoying your morning coffee. You can simply put a cushion on it and perhaps a throw pillow to make it comfy. If you are interested in making this outdoor chair, you can watch how to build it here.

DIY Pallet Sectional 

If you take a closer look at this sectional furniture, you will realize that it is actually made with wood pallets. So if you have some pallets lying around, you can utilize them to construct this chic outdoor sectional. Aside from the wood pallets, you will need a table saw and a nail gun. You have the option to use hinges as well as stain and sealer. Check out how it’s made at liketheyogurt.com.

Reclaimed Wood Stool 

I personally find this wood stool super cute and charming. You can sit on it or you can also use it as a side table where you can display some potted plants. It is made with reclaimed wood, giving it that unique character.

L-Shaped Sectional Sofa

This outdoor L-shaped sectional sofa is so chic, especially if you dress it up with some cushions and colorful throw pillows. But guess what? You can build this on your own by just using two sheets of plywood. Yes, that’s right. Click here to find out how you can go about building it.

Outdoor Movie Theater Seats 

Due to the pandemic, we can’t just go out and see a movie now. BUT, you can certainly enjoy a movie in your yard with these charming outdoor movie theater seats. Talk about comfort while watching a movie outdoors. That right there is priceless!

Folding Camp Stool  

If you are one who loves camping excursions or you just want to have extra outdoor chairs, this project is for you. It is very easy to build the wooden frame and sewing the fabric can be done without any hassle. This free plan should guide you every step of the way.

There you go with some amazing outdoor chair ideas that will bring out your creativity. Some may require more work, but at the end of the day, all your efforts will be worth it.

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