8 Outdoor Fireplace Ideas To Follow For Your Own Design

Many things can help beautify your backyard, front yard, patio, porch, or deck. You can add a seating area, some plants, and other decorative stuff. But if you want to make your outdoor space a lot cozier and warmer, especially during the chilly part of the year, you should consider building a fireplace.

You can hire a contractor to make one for you. But if you want to save money, try to build one yourself. Aside from you will spend less, you can also construct it exactly the way you want it to be. When it comes to the design, you have plenty of options as well, which include:

Next to a Hot Tub

Let’s start the list with something unique. Usually, homeowners position their outdoor fireplace close to the sitting area, but not this one. It actually sits beside a hot tub. Imagine yourself dipping in that hot tub on a chilly night. It would be nice!

If you are in the process of building a swimming pool, this idea would be an excellent inspiration for your outdoor project.

Nice and Simple

Are you building your very first fireplace? I highly recommend keeping it nice as simple as the one that we have in the image. Using natural stones or bricks, you can easily recreate this outdoor fireplace on your own. This right here is very traditional and comes with a chimney. And, of course, you’d need woods when it is time to use it. It may not be that big of a fireplace but it will surely do the job.

Made With Stucco

Let this stucco fireplace be the focal point of your outdoor dining space. The detailing on its top makes it stand out, plus you have the option to engrave your family name on it if you wish to. With simple outdoor furniture, you can create a perfect space for intimate dining. Don’t forget to decorate it with some plants and flowers to make the area more attractive.

Mix-and-Match Bricks and Stones

Bricks make one of the best materials when constructing a fireplace. But this time, instead of using bricks alone, combine them with round stones to create a mix-and-match effect. You can have the bricks predominant and just have the round stones sprinkled all over. You can also follow a wavy pattern when arranging the bricks to create a more dramatic look. Match this outdoor fireplace with modern pieces of furniture with cushions and throw pillows. It would serve as a good hang-out place late in the afternoon or even late at night while enjoying the warmth radiated by the fireplace.

Simple Yet Modern

You’d be surprised to learn that this modern outdoor fireplace only costs about $1200 to $1300, and was completed in just a week. Yes, that’s right! Like we said earlier, that’s the biggest advantage of building your own outdoor fireplace. The first step is to construct the concrete foundation followed by the cinder block base. After that, create the cinder block heat shield, insert, and then the structure itself. The last, of course, will be the roof.

This black-and-white fireplace would make your outdoor space more modern. It’s eye-catching, indeed!

Black Gas Fireplace

If you don’t have much outdoor space, this option would definitely suit your needs. It is perfect for a small patio. The sleek black gas fireplace blends well with the wooden decking as well as the concrete walls. You can also install some black wooden shelves against the wall where you can display plants.


It is nice to mix and match sometimes, but using the same material all over is good too. Just look at the outcome of this all-brick fireplace. It is nice, isn’t it? With the brick flooring and brick posts, there is no doubt that this space can withstand the test of time. Arrange the bricks in the firebox following a herringbone pattern to create a little bit of a contrast.


Now, if you have a huge yard and you have two or more sitting areas and you want to have some kind of a divider, this double-sided fireplace is the answer. It is made with bricks and stucco. Since it is accessible from both sides, one side can be your casual seating area and have the other as your dining space.

With fireplace kits as the basis, you can construct your own outdoor fireplace much easier. Pick a design and give it a shot. Create a gathering place on your property that you, as well as, your friends and family members can enjoy.

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