9 Pergola Plans That Will Inspire Your Creativity

The popularity of outdoor living spaces has grown over the years. People love to spend more time on their patio, deck, or garden while relaxing or entertaining some guests. Aside from outdoor furniture, you must also think about how you can provide shelter from the rain, sun, and wind. This is when structures like pergolas become very useful.

Back in the day, a pergola used to be called a patio roof. It comes with rafters, beams, and posts. You can also have it attached to or detached from your house. This amazing outdoor structure that allows you to extend your home’s living space may come in different sizes, styles, materials, as well as budgets. Now, if you are interested in building one, here are plans that will surely inspire your creativity:

Simple Pergola on the Deck

If you have an existing deck, you are free to add a pergola. However, it is crucial that you choose high-quality hardware so that the structure will stay safe and sturdy through the years. The number one thing that you have to consider is the material for your posts, which carry the weight of the entire structure. You should consider using pressure-treated wood. As for the roof, go as light as possible. Wood lattice or fabric panels would be great.

This featured pergola on the deck is quite simple. It is finished with black paint as well as lights and some furniture with huge pillows.

Pergola Made With Recycled Wood

Constructing a pergola doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. If you have some lumber posts, you can recycle those to build a DIY pergola like the one shown in the image, transforming your backyard into an oasis.

The first step is to choose the area where you want to put the pergola. You then prepare the pieces of wood and assemble them. Dress your pergola with some white fabrics to make it look more dramatic.

Pergola on a Modern Patio

This pergola on a modern patio is simple to make. It doesn’t require posts anymore because it is attached to the exterior walls. This would be the perfect pergola option for you if your outdoor space is somewhat tight. All you need is the lumber for the roof and some tools, and you are all set.

Poolside Pergola

Instead of using umbrellas for shade on your poolside, why not just build a durable pergola made with solid wood? Have it partially cover your seating as well as the shower area. In the main section, add some pool lounge chairs.

The materials of this poolside pergola are all the same. It is also built on a low deck, making the area look more luxurious.

Rustic Pergola

Building a rustic pergola is simpler and cheaper than you think. With reclaimed woods and recycled materials, you can put this outdoor structure easily. It would complement your vintage bricks, creating an amazing sight. You are free to paint the structure itself in black or you can also leave it as is, exposing the natural color of the wood.

Achieve this outdoor space look by adding some wooden sofa and dining table. Build a small fireplace, too, to add some warmth.

Pergola Over the Seating Area and Fire Pit Table

Create a comfortable outdoor sitting area with this simple pergola over your fire pit table. The rafters are line with lights, and underneath is cushioned chairs and a small fire pit table that can make everybody feel warm, especially during those chilly mornings or evenings.

Wood Beams and White Stone Posts

This stunning pergola is a combination of traditional and modern looks, providing you with a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. The wood beams and rafters are flat and simple, and they are supported by those beautiful white stone posts. With that super comfy outdoor furniture, you can enjoy the views of your yard at any time of the day.

Basic But Grand-Looking Pergola

Your luxurious garden and swimming pool area will be more attractive with this basic but grand-looking pergola. The beams and rafters are very simple, but those stone pillars are what takes this structure to perfection. It’s a design that you can easily achieve on your own.

Pergola With Old Wood and Tree Branches

Who would have thought that you can come up with a cozy outdoor space using repurposed woods and tree branches? With unique lighting and DIY tables and benches, you’d have a charming garden feature built on a deck that you can truly be proud of.

Be it a simple or grand pergola that you are aiming to have, there are thousands of designs that you can choose from. This structure, regardless of the size, materials, and styles, will certainly make your outdoor living space more appealing.

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