10 Ways To Create Your Own Backyard Movie Night Setup

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the operations of theaters and movie houses were temporarily shut down. And even now, more than a year since COVID-19 rattled the whole world, and, in fact, still a problem, going to the cinemas is still comes with restrictions. This gave way for drive-in movies to be popular once again. But did you know that you can actually do this in your own backyard? Yes, you can create your very own outdoor movie night setup. Read on and find out how.

Build a Portable Outdoor Movie Screen

This portable outdoor movie screen can be built in under an hour, and it is cheap, too. You just need some PVC pipe for the frame and a sheet or a drop cloth as the screen. One good thing about this is that you can disassemble it when not in use, plus it can be put together again in just minutes. You can also put it anywhere in your yard or even on your rooftop if you feel like watching a movie while enjoying the nice breeze.

Use a White Sheet as a Movie Screen

Yes, you can turn a regular white sheet into a movie screen. Simply put it by the fence or run a wire or rope to where you can hang it. Voila! You have an instant screen! All you need now is your projector, some rugs, and throw pillows. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Set It Up in the Garden

Now if you want a wow-worthy theater in your own garden, let this setup inspire you. With a pull-down screen hanging on the arbor, a nice sound system, an HD projector, and some cushioned chairs, you can have the most comfortable movie night right in your own yard. Just make sure to keep the volume of your sound system at a reasonable level so you won’t disturb your neighbors. This right here could be your dream garden theater!

Opt for an Easy But Cozy Setup

With an easy DIY screen made with PVC pipes and a white sheet and some outdoor chairs with throws and pillows, you can have a cozy setup for your movie night. If you have more companies coming, you can also take your indoor couch outside so you can have extra seats.

Make It Extra Special With Comfy Seating Options

A movie night is a perfect time for you and your loved ones to relax, so why not make it extra special by adding various seating options? Cushioned chairs, bean bags, waterproof outdoor blankets…bring them all out! Complete the scene with string lights and battery-operated lanterns.

Set It Up on the Patio

A great outdoor movie night is all about picking the right spot. If you already have a pergola on your patio and some outdoor couches and chairs, then all you have to add is the screen and projector.

Add Some Elements of a Pajama Party

Hosting a kiddie birthday party? This backyard movie night setup is so pretty that even adults would love to do it during their birthday. Blankets, ottomans, bean bags, throw pillows, and anything in between. Add all the colors that you can think of to recreate this fabulous backyard cinema.

Try the Picnic Style

With giant floor pillows and a table for your snacks, you can have an instant picnic-style movie night setup. The DIY screen makes this setup much easier, too. As long as you have your projector ready, your favorite movie will be up and running in no time.

Create a Natural Outdoor Vibe

This one is another incredible movie night setup, be it for a birthday party or just a casual gathering. If your yard is full of greens, complement those with neutral-textured elements so you can create a natural outdoor vibe. Feel free to surround the movie screen with white balloons to make your setup look more appealing.

Turn the Garage Wall Into a Movie screen

If you want to have a more permanent setup, here is an excellent idea. With just a can of white paint, you can turn your garage wall into a huge movie screen. Every time you want to watch some movies outdoors, all you need to set up is the sitting area.

Spending time with your loved ones at home doesn’t have to be boring. With these amazing ideas on how to create a backyard movie night setup, there is no need to go to the cinemas. Just pick a movie and make some popcorn and you are all set for a movie marathon!

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