11 Mirror Frame Designs You Can Make Yourself

As simple as adding a mirror can amazingly transform any space, be it your bathroom, living room, bedroom, or even the kitchen and entryway. It can instantly update your home decor. This element can provide an illusion to the room, making it appear larger and brighter. It can also bring good energy to the room, increase its appeal, make a statement, and conceal some imperfections.

Indeed, mirrors are beneficial. The only thing is that they could get really expensive. They can cost you more money than you think. But why resort to store-bought mirrors if you can actually make the frames yourself? You will save a lot of money!

Choose your favorite among these mirror frame designs and try making it yourself:

An Old Picture Frame Turned into a Mirror Frame

Do you have an old picture frame that you don’t want to display anymore? If so, you can turn it into a mirror frame and even modernize it if you wish to. Simply remove the picture and the cardboard and replace it with a mirror. If you are aiming for a minimalist style, paint the frame in black.

You can also shop for old picture frames at the thrift stores. If you can find vintage-looking frames, that would be great as they can easily attract attention.

A DIY Mirror Frame Made From Scraps of Wood

People usually get rid of scraps of wood, but did you know that you can utilize some to come up with an amazing mirror frame? Whether you are trying to achieve a rustic, farmhouse, or Scandinavian style for your room, putting scraps of wood together will provide you with surprisingly stunning home decor. This DIY project is super easy to make too and can be accomplished in less than an hour.

Scandinavian hallway interior with big mirror and shoe storage bench near white wall. Hallway with christmas decor.

A DIY Round Wooden Mirror

A wooden framed rectangle mirror is pretty, but a round one looks more appealing. If you can find a mirror on sale and get a good deal on the frame materials, you can create your dream round wooden mirror on your own for about $50 or even less, which is way cheaper than settling for a store-bought mirror.

A Large Statement Mirror

A large mirror can definitely make a statement and add dimension to any section of your home, even the outdoors. Just take a look at this large statement mirror in a modern rustic garden. It is so gorgeous! And guess what? You can make it yourself using reclaimed woods!

A Marble Framed Mirror

You can utilize marble framed mirrors to uniquely decorate your home while adding pops of colors to it. But wait a minute? Marble? Yes, you can make use of marble as the frame of your mirror. No worries, this DIY project is easier than you think. Plus, you can come up with different shapes.

An Irregular-Shaped Wood Accent Mirror

One good thing about mirror frames is that you can make them in different shapes. Instead of making the traditional elongated, round, rectangle, or square, you can create one with an odd shape. You can have the mirror itself cut into the shape that you want first and simply follow it using the material that you have on hand for the frame.

A Cardboard Tile Mosaic Mirror 

This right here may make you think that it requires a lot of work. But the truth is, anyone can do it using cardboard and some paint. Yes, it may take time to accomplish this cardboard tile mosaic mirror frame, but you’d end up with very unique home decor. Find out how it’s made at markmontano.com.

A DIY Antique Window Mirror Frame 

Bless’er House features an aged masterpiece that will surely catch everybody’s attention. From a clean mirror and window frame, it is turned into an old-looking gold mirror frame that would complement your antique furniture.

A Handmade Styrofoam Mirror Frame 

Looks expensive? You’re wrong! This mirror frame is made with Styrofoam, which is so cheap. The result though is very impressive. This DIY fluted mirror has a nice shape and earthy texture at the same time.

A Geometric Copper and Wood Mirror Frame

At first glance, anyone would think that this mirror frame is complicated, but it is not. It is made with copper and natural wood, which are both affordable. This beautiful mirror frame looks store-bought, but is actually homemade, which only requires gluing the materials together.

A Plastic Spoons Mirror Frame

This will probably surprise you, but, yes, you can also make a mirror frame with plastic spoons. What a pretty craft project! You can simply paint the plastic spoons, depending on the theme of your room.

With a little handiwork and lots of creative juices flowing, there is no more need for you to buy a store-bought mirror. Make the frame yourself, and your personal touch will certainly make your home decor more meaningful. You’d be able to save money as well.

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