8 Tiny House Kitchen Styles That Are Fabulous

While the kitchen is regarded as the heart of every home and we all dream of a spacious kitchen with massive windows, the truth is, not every house is that big. However, having a tiny house should not discourage you from making your kitchen area look fabulous. Despite its small size, you can still give it that impressive character and style.

Below, find inspiration on how you can design your small kitchen. From accent walls to open cabinets, and bold-colored chairs, you have plenty of options!

Accent Wall

Regardless of its size, you can certainly transform the look of your kitchen by adding an accent wall. You can even add two if you wish to. This should give it a charming personality and character.

When adding an accent wall to your kitchen, you should find a paint color that suits the area’s color palette. Wallpaper would be nice as well. You are also free to utilize glossy tiles, natural wood, geometric patterns, matte paint, natural wood, and many more.

Open Cabinets and Shelves

Yes, closed cabinet doors can conceal the clutter in your tiny kitchen. But if you do open cabinets and shelves right, you’d be surprised that they can look insanely chic too. In fact, this seems to have become a designer’s standard.

Open shelves can increase your storage options, plus they can make your space look brighter, bigger, open, and welcoming.

Loft Kitchen

High-gloss white is a popular loft kitchen design, but you may opt for alternatives like concrete, metal, bricks, and wood. This loft kitchen has some glossy and stainless-steel elements that reflect light, making the space appear larger than what it really is. And as you can see, that big fridge still fits perfectly. The kitchen may be tiny, but with the components arranged right, it looks more spacious.

Cheerful Chairs

The combination of natural wood and white paint makes this tiny kitchen look wider. Luckily, it also has that window to where natural light could go through the sheer curtains, another thing that makes it appear spacious. But you know what the real show-stopper here is? Look at those tiny but cheerful chairs. Don’t hesitate to add bright colors to your small kitchen. That right there will make it pop.

Black and White Plus Natural Light

The combination of black and white has always been one of the favorites in the world of interior design. But when talking about tiny kitchens, adding some natural light is an excellent trick to produce an illusion of space. Glass windows and doors, plus bright cabinet lights are great options. You can hang a metal-framed mirror, too.

All-White Color Scheme

An all-white color scheme is one of the simplest ways to design the kitchen, no matter how tiny it is. This color is a lifesaver because aside from it reflects light, it can also make the wall recede, increasing the sense of space. This color is versatile. It allows you to add tiny decor that will make the room livelier.

For a big boost of style, white, off-white, natural wood color, and gray are the best for a small kitchen.

Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalism is one of the most sought-after designs nowadays, and you can do this too with your kitchen. In fact, it will do you good because a minimalist design can make your tiny kitchen look bigger. It can help make it function better as well.

Don’t be afraid to repeat materials and play with neutral shades. Install some deep cabinets and drawers as well so that you can have more storage space. Undercabinet lighting would be nice too since it can help illuminate and make your tiny kitchen appear larger. The main goal of a minimalist kitchen is to reduce clutter as much as possible.

Island Kitchen

You really don’t need to have a spacious kitchen to add an island. The truth is, this component works perfectly for a tiny kitchen because it is versatile. You can use it as your prep space as well as your dining area. Adding this glorious surface to your small space will provide amazing effects, not to mention that it is an ultra-functional piece.

The kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. It is not only a place where you whip up delicious meals, but it can be the perfect spot to create good memories too. Therefore, even if you have the tiniest kitchen, you should never neglect it. Instead, maximize the space and design it with pride.

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