8 Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas That Pop

Do you need some new home decor or perhaps a furniture makeover? Have you heard about chalk paint? You probably have since it is now one of the trends. Instead of throwing away those seemingly beat-up pieces of furniture that you have been keeping in the garage, basement, or attic, you can make them look like new again. You can add more colors to them if you are looking for things that pop to decorate your home with. This is your time to shine, playing with different shades!

To inspire you, here are some amazing chalk paint furniture ideas that truly pop:

Hexagon Shelves With White and Yellow Interior

Be it an office, living room, kitchen, adult’s bedroom, or a toddler’s room, hexagon shelves, also known as honeycombs, are an excellent addition. They are easy to build as well and they certainly make an incredible woodworking project. These unique shelves are usually made with wood, which is a plus because the natural color of the wood is really charming. But to add some kind of character to your honeycombs, consider painting the insides with yellow and white. As simple as that. You’d have very attractive shelves in the nursery room.

Midnight Blue Console or Media Table

A console or media table is a necessity in any living room. But after a few years, you would notice that the paint starts to fade or peel off. No worries, because chalk paint can come to the rescue. If your receiving area is painted blue or grey, give your console table a dark finish. Midnight blue would be great. That should complement the finish of the bronze pulls and knobs. Decorate it with a lamp, potted plant, and a picture frame that matches the hardware and you will have a pretty corner in the living room.

Multicolor Children’s Furniture

Trying to redo your kids’ room or perhaps study area? This simple project using chalk paint is something that you can easily do while playing with a variety of colors. You can even involve your children. I’m sure you will have so much fun.

Paint those cute stools and chairs with different colors. As for the table, you can leave the top white and just paint the legs. Or, you are free to paint the tabletop as well.

Chalky-Finish Kitchen Cabinets

If you are tired of those all-white or natural wood kitchen cabinets, now is the best time to experiment with a different color using chalk paint. No need to hire a professional to do this for you. All you have to do is to pick a color that you want and start with the painting project right away. You won’t have to worry about tedious preparation. That’s one of the biggest advantages of chalk paint.

Give those kitchen cabinets that adorable matte finish!

Bold-Colored Rocking Chair

Chalk paint is also an excellent way to update that old rocking chair that you have laying around for years. But this time, choose a bold color like red. Bright yellow would be nice as well. Feel free to mix and match!

All-White Nightstand

White is timeless and elegant, so why not paint that old nightstand in white? You can even purchase one from a thrift store and transform it. It is going to be an easy makeover!

If the furniture is dirty, make sure that you clean and sand it a little bit. Remove the old hardware if you intend to replace them with new ones. You can then start painting it. Be sure to get all the edges.

Transformed Wooden Dining Set

I love the color of natural wood. It feels so homey, plus it is quite versatile. But if you are looking for a change, you can transform your wooden dining set too using white chalk paint. You would want to still preserve the color of the wood, so you don’t have to paint the table and chairs all over. You can have the tabletop white and leave the legs alone. The same is true with the chairs. Consider this if you are aiming for a farmhouse-style makeover.

White Dresser With Green Accents

Chalk paint is a great way to make your dresser look more modern too. If you bought it in dark color years ago, make a change and paint it white. Add some green accents to make it look prettier. This option is perfect if you are redoing your teenage daughter’s room.

There are plenty of things that you can do using chalk paint. Its beautiful matte finish will definitely make any piece of furniture stand out. Plus, this task only requires minimal preparation. And the colors? You have plenty of options!

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