9 Accent Wall Designs To Spark Ideas

Updating a room may not have more instantaneous visual effects if you do not consider adding improvements on your walls. The walls are the largest structures that your eyes can lay on in a room, so it is best to always consider the walls when redesigning the interior of your home.
Here are some accent walls ideas that really pop. They can surely transform any room easily.

Wood Accent Wall

Adding some wood design elements is probably one of the timeless wall accents that will be seen in future homes. If your house is concrete or you live in one of the high-rise condominiums in the city, having a wood accent wall will surely be soothing. It can undoubtedly give life to an otherwise plain and boring room.

Geometric Pattern Accent Wall

If you find it dull to have a one-color wall or you don’t have much of decorative stuff, like art pieces to hang on your wall, going for a geometric pattern wall can be the best idea. With this wall accent, you will appreciate a rainbow of colors although they are not arranged that way. Different geometric shapes are painted with different shades. This accent wall design can really bring energy to a room while giving a perfect backdrop.

Mural Accent Wall

This can be an easy task to those who have some painting skills. But it should not discourage you from doing it. Have the design sketched by someone else who can draw and paint it yourself. You can follow a theme which will make it more meaningful for you. Bring out your creative inclination and start painting a mural on your wall. Anyone who sees it will surely agree that your wall is unique and that they have not seen it anywhere else.

Art Display Accent Wall

We see this everywhere. The difference lies on the pictures that you hang, their frames, the theme, and the arrangement. Are you into cross-stitching or embroidery? Do you enjoy going out with your camera? Or do you paint? Having them mounted on beautiful frames will make a great photo gallery on your wall. Making those art displays yourself will make your art display more valuable than those you buy from stores.

Wall Paper Accent

Having a wall paper accent can be the easiest way to transform a room. It is also the most affordable, probably. The secret here is you do not have to put the same wall paper on your walls and ceiling. The effect may be so overwhelming. Choose a portion of your wall and select the best wall paper design. You have a lot of choices when selecting wall papers. Some can be nature-inspired, brick walls, floral, and many more.

Fabric Wall Accent

Do you have some beautifully printed fabric in your closet? You can paste one large fabric to create a contrast. This may be even easier than pasting wall paper accent. This will create balance in a room while exuding a sense of warmth. You can choose neon colored fabrics for a darker room. Ocean themed and floral or foliage-printed fabrics can also be soothing.

Molding Wall Accent

This alternative can be for those who are a bit of a minimalist who prefer less color in a room. Wall moldings can be used in plain walls to add a little texture and subtleness on your wall. They can be made from wood, plastic, foam, or rubber. They may seem like a part of the sleek architectural design of a home if installed properly. You will really impress guests with this one.

Painted Accent Wall

Choose a wall in a room to paint when going for a paint accent wall. In a bedroom, you can choose the wall against the headboard or the one that may be right in front. The wall that you will be painting is the focal point. You can have many options here. You can go for a plain color different from the rest of the walls or you can have a rainbow of colors like stripes. This will create a contrast in an otherwise boring room.

Racks Wall Accent

Aside from the many options that you can choose, wall accents made from wood are very versatile. Some can be functional too. Wooden racks and small hanging shelves can be decorative while they can also be used to display some small and beautiful collections you have. You can also paint them the same as your wall paint.

Choosing the right wall accent can be overwhelming. There may be more other ideas that may pop up in your mind. Don’t be afraid to try them. But first, you should go for easy to do and affordable options. This will assure you that it won’t hurt if you change it when you come up with a new idea. What matters is the satisfaction you get from a new wall accent.

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