8 Minimalist Living Room Decor Styles You’ll Love

Most people visualize a minimalist living room as one which is stripped of bright colors, furnished with very modern fixtures, emptied to only one wall décor, and painted walls, ceiling and even the floor with all-white. This may be quite worrisome as this visualization connotes boredom and lack of energy.

A minimalist living room does not have to be that way. It is more than having everything covered or colored in white. This is because the main idea of this contemporary concept is a clutter-free environment that is also calming to the mind and soul. Therefore, a minimalist living room is more of a functional space rather than an art gallery.

But while you may be de-cluttering your living room of unessential items, you may be losing some of its visual effects. Think about maximizing the effect of one art décor than having so many of them on the wall. You can choose your favorite piece of art and hang it on the wall. How about that shelf full of books and magazines, should it be placed in your reading room? By removing all unnecessary items in the living room and sticking with what is needed, it is just like going back to the essentials of life.

Here are some décor ideas that you can infuse in your minimalist living room:

Open Up the Windows for the Views

If your home is surrounded by trees and flowers, do not obstruct the perfect view from your window with a thick white or charcoal-colored window treatment. The same is true when your home is surrounded with skyscrapers. The view provides a natural and beautiful backdrop that gives a fitting contrast to your white walls and ceilings. You may not also need to accent your living room with potted plants if you have vast greenery in your yard which can be seen through your windows.

Add Texture to Your Walls or Floor

If you find a plain white painted wall boring, add some texture. You can choose a wall as focal point and add texture into it. You can go for a minimally printed white wall paper or an off-white fabric. This can easily break the monotony of having all-white surroundings. You can also spread a white rug on the floor to add texture and softness to your living room.

Lower Things Down on a Beautiful White Rug

Getting rid of high structures in your living room will create more space. You can do this by bringing everything nearer to the floor. By doing so, you may not need many of those bulky sofas. Instead, you may be sitting on the floor more often with a low-lying gray or charcoal ottoman at the center of your living room. You can go for more beautiful soft black and white throw pillows of different shapes on the floor rug.

Make a Cinematic Effect with Dark Features

The contrast made by dark gray sofas and drapery against an all-white surroundings will surely give a cinematic feel to a minimalist living room. Add more to the softness of the sofa with matching throw pillows. A big artwork on a charcoal frame can surely complete the drama.

Create a Charcoal Painted Wall Accent

To disturb the continuity of all-white walls all around your living room, painting one part of your wall from the lightest shade of gray to the blackest of black will definitely make a big difference. Hanging an art décor with a white background gives a fitting highlight.

Shop for an Elegant Sofa for Your Living Room Centerpiece

There will always be a room for sofas in a minimalist living room. You may only have to discard what is not needed. If you only have a few people sitting in your living room, you can have one or two sofas. In this case, shop for off-white or dark gray elegant sofas. They will surely make an excellent centerpiece. To save space, choosing a modular sectional sofa with the same design and pattern can be a wise decision.

Showcase Favorite Original Decorative Creation

People who are gifted with creative minds surely have crafted some decorative stuff. Choose your favorite and showcase it in your living room. Don’t worry about having a colorful decorative creation. A minimalist concept may not really mean absence of color other than white, gray, or black

Pop Up With Subtle Colors

Soft gray and pink hues can complement excellently with a minimalist living room. They are not strikingly bold colors. Instead, they can only provide a slight contrast creating a dreamy and cozy atmosphere.

Indeed, it may seem quite more difficult to decorate a minimalist living room than our standard living rooms that we have grown up to. There are fewer options but that is the concept of minimalism, which is to stick with the basics and live in a clutter-free and clean environment. Decorating your minimalist living room should spare you of spending so much of your resources.

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