5 Front Doors That We Love


The front door.  The headline.  The first impression.


The front door should both welcome visitors and allude to what is beyond.  In a way shaping a visitor’s perception of your personal style even before anyone enters into the home.  When we read a headline, we understand already what the article might be about and we want to read more!  The front door should function much the same!  By now you should realize that we’re not only about function.  We ask you, reader, to put aside the preconceived notion that a front door is for opening and closing only.  Instead it is much more. 

A home with a strong interior and weak exterior just won’t do! So if you need some motivation to spiff up your entryway, here are 5 front doors that we think make a bold statement.  




Bold & Bright


If you’ve ever gone door shopping, you know that doors are very expensive to both purchase and install. If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to replace your door, break out the paint! A bold color like yellow, blue, or red can drastically transform your entryway from dull and uninviting to bright and captivating. Just look at how this mustard yellow door beautifully complements the reds, browns, and charcoals in the brick!




Dark & Eclectic 


It’s hard not to love a door with large window panes that let in the light and provide a sneak peak of the home inside. This dark wood beauty stands tall and strong, and it’s carvings give it a unique flare. The almost purple hues of the wood stain contrasts exquisitely with the ivy that surrounds the entryway, making the walk to the door that much more enjoyable. 




Mystical Blues 


It’s safe to say that you won’t find this turquoise charmer in any westernized city. There are years of stories behind this door and its waterfront view implies that it might sit along the Venetian canal. No matter the location, its striking color, prominent shape, and mysterious background make this door one of kind. Imagine pulling up to it in a gondola everyday – it doesn’t get much better than that!




Exquisite Contrasts 


There is something very calming about this pine green door against the crimson red wall. That said, color isn’t the only remarkable contrast of this entryway. The door itself pulls together two very different styles – while its typical shape, square carvings, and gold handles give it a classic look, it’s geometric window panes bring it into modern times. 




Glassy & Contemporary 


The windows around this door are what take it to the next level. While it’s light oak color, carvings, and black matte handle add some intrigue, the windows that surround it give it life and provide visitors a peak of the foyer. When approaching the door from the sidewalk, glassy panes reflect the daylight giving the entrance an enchanting, mirrored appearance but at night, the light from inside will shine through, giving the door a lantern-esque look. Stunning! 


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