10 Awesome Outdoor Kitchen Ideas For Inspiration

The kitchen is one of those places where sumptuous meals are prepared, and recipes are born. That kitchen can be the very thing that inspires you to turn the simple into fantastic. More appealing is preparing these meals outdoors, a fad that has become very popular among people from all walks of life. 

Add a few needful appliances and designs that make that kitchen more functional, and you are on your way to a great outdoor setup. It may surprise you that there are many ways to make such an outdoor kitchen look fabulous. That is why you will see multiple styles that could easily fit your needs and desires. Take a look at these inspiring designs for your outdoor kitchen.

Small Space

Open-air kitchen and backyard in modern home

One of the most remarkable skills anyone can acquire is making a small or tight space work. More impressive is giving it a design that functions well and also has style and appeal. A kitchenette’s primary focus should be a place for all cookware, including a stove/oven, sink, and fridge. Based on the remaining space, you can smartly work seating.

Rooftop Kitchen

A rooftop is a big deal if you love to entertain but is short on space. Many apartments offer this usable space; it may just take some tinkering to make it unique. A proper layout, ideal cookware, and adequate seating will create a rooftop kitchen as a suitable entertaining spot. 

Pergola Style

A pergola style kitchen is nothing new, but it is still a very reliable and useful outdoor kitchen option. The reason is the covering and overall atmosphere that such a setup would create. You will have plenty of space for your stove, fridge, sink, seating, and even a small pantry if you so desire. A pantry is a great way to store food and utensils that you may need. 

Blending In

If you have a reasonably sized outdoor area, this style will work fine for you. Based on your home’s outside walls, a simple adaptation of what is there will make your kitchen flow with your house. A smart move would be to use furniture and cookware to match the walls and windows’ colors.

Outbuilding Setup

Building an outrageous outdoor setting is also a great way to have an outdoor kitchen. That way, you have plenty of space for furniture for seating and lots of room for all the amenities your kitchen will need. It also helps if you have lots of people to help, and you want to entertain many persons. With a roof over this setup and adequate walls, the elements shouldn’t be an issue.

Earth Tones

Using rustic and earthy tones is significant, with many designers and builders. The look is soft and has a homey feel despite looking antique in its design. You will find the style to be more Meditteranean in appearance. There is usually a lot of detailed work involved as stucco and tiles are an integral part of the design.

The Tropics

The ability to mimic the tropics with a well made outdoor kitchen sounds fun. If you can’t get to the tropics, then maybe it can come to you. Designing your outdoor kitchen to reflect that type of atmosphere is all it takes. Using natural materials like stone, coconut branches, or the equivalent can make a big difference. The more tropical the foliage is, the better.


Imagine you can build a hideaway kitchen and yet be outdoors. The key is the angle and how you set up your space. A roof for coverage and a few walls as needed for blockage and functionality. Another critical factor is having your yard surrounded with lovely foliage that keeps your yard private.

Centrally Located

Making an outdoor kitchen central to your house is a very great idea. The setup allows a person to walk from indoors directly into their outdoor kitchen. Creating a space large enough to contain all the cooking essentials and seating is essential. Added to that setup is plenty of room to walk around or pass through to the yard area.

Combo Kitchen

You can always think outside the box when you decorate or build an outdoor kitchen. Combining wood, stone, and tile can create a lovely mix and match the type of setting that pops. An example would be a wooden table with wooden seating, a steel oven with wooden cupboards surrounded by stone. Your options can be limitless if you have the imagination. 

As you would have seen, an outdoor kitchen can become a vital part of any home. All it takes is some inspiration, a vivid imagination, the means, and the desire to make it all a reality.

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