Chic Wall Decor Designs That Give the Illusion of More Square Footage

Living in a blank walled room and getting up in the morning is just like opening your eyes to a plain box. No color, no life. You do not have to keep your walls lifeless. Add some colors, bring life to the walls, and make them expressive.

If you think you have to consult with an expensive interior designer, this is not the case. We are here to guide you from scratch. You can use these given chic wall décor ideas to give your space the illusion of square footage. These designs will also enhance the style of your home.

So, without any delay let’s see how you can elegantly decorate your walls.

Transform your living alcove to bookcase corner

Modern living room with bookcase

Books and bookcase corners make your place soulful. They give you a clear statement of life and it is the best way to transform your living corner into a bookcase corner. You can design low and high shelves with some central separation. Arrange your books on the shelves with your interest and keep them within your reach.

You can also have an interior separation between the recess shelves where you can place your favorite comics or your most favorite novels. A big lamp illuminating in front of the shelves complements your place and the sofas give you the chance to hide from the nasty world and spend your worthy time with your books.

Keep it minimalistic yet elegant

Minimalist living room

When you are decorating your walls, keep them realistic, and let them define you. Follow a solid and light color theme of your walls and make the nook the focal point of your room. Place some vases, antiques, sculptures, or an eye-catching porcelain flower holder to give your recess a natural look. When you hang a wall painting describing the tales of your interests, your room will come to life.

You can also dedicate one corner of your room for books and arrange them in piles. You can have a vintage chair sitting with a table and give seating options to your guests or friends. Give your walls this never-ending charm.

Make your walls vibrant with what you love

Home space with wall frames

Decorating a wall from multiple angles is the perfect way to enhance the room. You can hang canvas paintings, convert them into a bookcase, or showcase the photographs, images, designs, or anything that pops. When you design your wall space, it adds an illusion to your place. If you have a vast living space, you can enjoy this all on a single wall.

Use the center area of the wall for interior décor, make an alcove book storage at one corner of the wall and pile up your books, and hang a wall painting there. When you border the alcove with wood paneling, it gives a shape to it that boosts its significance.

You can frame the pictures of your heroes, your loved ones, and hang them. In the same living space, you can also have big glass doors either plain or painted to add the final touch to the space.

Give a spacious look and make your walls engaging

When you design your house, you want to make your walls expressive, and windows take a special part in that. These windows not only give your walls a spacious illusion but give you the best opportunity to relate your time with the changing seasons.

Large and square windows with panes serve as an optical illusion and the curtains on the windows give a dual look to your wall. You can add royal or sophisticated curtains as per your mood or your taste.

You can decorate this area with planters, lamps, vases, or other interior decorations. With this wall setup, your room will be brightened up and refreshing. Having a dark sofa sitting in the light-themed area is also a good option and you can supplement your area the way you want by placing a guitar, lamp, and any other decorative piece.

Create cohesion to your place and make it private

What can be closer to your heart than your one-to-one sitting corner? You can make your precious place your private chat corner and classically decorate the walls. Paint the wall in a patterned way with the contrasting tone of your room.  You do not have to be a trend follower, feel free to keep it mosaic.

Another option is to have a large window in the wall and have thick and dark-colored panes. These patterned and colored panes will help make the room pop with style. Of course, you can keep it light as well.

Connect your kitchen with nature

One of the most frequented rooms in your home is the kitchen. It is where you spend a lot of your time especially if you love to cook. It would be unjust to keep the solid walls of the kitchen blank. If your kitchen is facing your yard, you can have window space in the walls and use blinds when you want to cover the area. This setting will keep you in touch with nature.

If there is a front garden view, you can enjoy cooking when witnessing the beauty of the yard. The slanting sun rays will also make you feel special and bring a sense of peace. The best thing is you can place colorful pots in this stunning view which gives the room a finished look. In addition to this window setting, a wall portrait or a big painting will also add meaning to the wall.

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