Turn Unused Space into a Functional Space With These Tips

Does your unused space need a drastic change to turn it into a functional space? Nope, not all the time. Sometimes, the reason why we keep our unused space is that we have valuable things we store in it and as much as possible, we may want to change it for it to be useful, but we don’t want to alter it into a whole new thing.

But the thing is, we need that particular space for some important purposes. Maybe you need it for your growing family or you need that space to make it as your office room- especially in 2021 where most jobs are done online.

The problem is how to actually start it. What we will provide you with are some tips that you can use to turn your unused space into a functional space. Admit it, hiring an interior designer is another expense that you need to put in mind. Online and crowdsourcing is useful in this matter.

Here are some pro tips that you can follow;

1. Turn Your Attic to Suite

Seems impossible? It is possible actually. First things first, declutter your attic. If there are items that are not useful, it’s time to throw them. Now, attics have this image where explainable phenomena and creepy things happen.

Turn it upside down- nope not literally. Turn it into a suite, especially if you have big windows in your attic (of course there is that’s for sure), that is very ideal.

You can sleep there or rest maybe. Make it feel cozy by adding a comfortable bed, mats, and rugs and a radio on the side table, and an antique chandelier that still works perfectly fine. It may be a weird combination but you should see it for yourself.

2. Open Porch into Living Room

Do you use your porch often? If not, you can tweak and spice it up by turning it into your own living room. You can add a sofa, center table, and chairs with embroidery for aesthetic looks. If you want, you can add bookshelves as well. You may even want to add mats to your floor. You can spend your time in your new living room while binge-reading your favorite books from your fave authors.

When you have scenic views across your home, turning your porch into a living room is highly recommended. Chill and have some wine or coffee in the morning.

3. Make Use of Your Cabinet

If you have enough space in your cabinet- and if it’s multi-purpose, you can turn it into a study station. Your kid’s books and bags always clutter your room and so make use of your cabinets. You can store and organize your kid’s items in your old and unused cabinet. It will also help save some money. You won’t have to buy a new one.

This study atmosphere- inside your home helps your children concentrate on their school work. Not only that, you are also giving them enough space for themselves so they can be effective learners.

4. Attic for Kids’ Bedroom

If you don’t want to turn your attic into a suite, there’s another option. Turn it into kids’ bedroom. You might not know but kids will live and sleep in a tree if possible and so your attic is the closest thing to a tree. They will love this idea for sure.

The free kids’ bedroom in your house will also give you enough space that you can use for other purposes.

5. Basement for Concert Room or Studio

Basement full of musical instruments is a most common thing. If your family loves to sing and can play different instruments, this idea is for you. Support your kids’ endeavor in life. You never know, they can be the next biggest musicians or singers in the whole world.

You can even form a band with your family if you want to. I know someone where every single one of their family can sing and if not, can play instruments. This is a great bond!

The Bottom Line

Look from left to right, you may find unused space in our home. This is quarantine and quarantine makes impossible things to happen. Unleash that creativity and channel your inner artist. Or if not, you can always hire an interior designer. They may be expensive- some, not all but it’s worth the penny because they know what to do.

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