The Chicest Sofas To Make Your Living Room Pop

A living room cannot be a living room without a sofa. A sofa must be the most important element that cannot be absent in the living room of every home. With this importance, choosing the best sofa should be every homeowner’s goal.

But what makes the best sofa? When choosing one, it is always best to consider these three aspects; comfort, durability, and aesthetic value. All these three make up a chic sofa that will surely make your living room pop.

Here are some of the chicest sofas to consider when replacing your old sofa:

Kidney Bean Sofa

The shape of this sofa is originally inspired by flat river rocks which were formed by flowing water over time. It has been of formal usage and form in mid-century but some versions have now become more modern.

A kidney bean sofa will surely complement any living room. With its curved shape, it provides a perfect contrast to the usual quadrangular shapes of living rooms. Originally having an open end, some modern versions of this sofa has now sofa arms.

To have a more dramatic effect, choose a kidney bean sofa with the right shade and fabric. Partner it with a matching ottoman, and you will have a complete living room transformation.

Puffy-Edged Sofa

In bedrooms, you can readily feel the softness of the bed upon entering it. In a living room, you can only feel this when you have a puffy-edged sofa. This super comfortable sofa is not only soft in appearance but you can feel it when you sit on it. When choosing this sofa, consider the fabric used as some brands may easily get damaged on the edges. A puffy-edge sofa with leather or velvet outer covering should assure you that this beautiful piece of art will last.

Pleated and Tailored

The resurgence of this loveseat may be partly due to some movies that featured beautiful pleated and tailored sofas. This kind of sofa can give the aesthetic lift your living room needs. With more refinement and right choice of color and fabric material, it can really standout in any living room. The extra crisp of the pleats and the rigidity of the fabric can draw a classic feel and look of your living room.

Slouchy Modular Sectionals

Your home will be homier with this sofa. Having a modular nature means that you can rearrange it anytime you want and place it anywhere in your living room and it will still attract attention. Indeed, it has a friendly feel that anyone who sees it would surely want to sit and slouch on it.
Buying two or more of this sofa can be more useful as long as they come from the same brand. You can do many things with them like joining them at times or separating them depending on your needs.

Bouclé All Day

You may not want to leave your living room once you find yourself seated on this sofa. It is super warm, soft and comfortable. For sure, everyone in the house will be fighting over who will sit on this cozy sofa during the winter. With the right shade and fabric choice, this living room structure will no doubt be the envy of anyone coming in your house.

The Chaise

If you are living alone in a condo unit or apartment, this sofa may suit you. That is if you do not have many visitors. But if you enjoy bringing friends with you to your home, you may have to buy other sofas. In this case, the chaise my serve as an accent to a large living room or an additional seat. The asymmetrical shape of this sofa can be the highlight of any living room.

Buttery Tan Leather

This all-time favorite will surely give a classic look to your living room. While it may imbibe sturdiness and ruggedness, it provides a clear contrast when used in city homes. With its caramel to natural wood color, it can easily blend with any living room decoration. Get that traditional and farmhouse feel right in the middle of the city with a buttery tan leather sofa.

Earthy Velvets

This sofa is still a big hit, never mind if the jewel toned, green, and royal blue has become a thing of the past. Other colors such as velvet, mustard, camel, and mauve have taken over. What’s good with this sofa is that it provides a complete contrast to other contemporary pieces in a modern living room.

Of course, when choosing a sofa, taking other aspects, such as the measurement and weight should always be considered. Check on how it is constructed, if it is durable or not. The weight capacity is also an important factor. When all these are considered together with comfort and aesthetic value, there’s no doubt you are taking home the right sofa for your living room.

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