Boho Living Room Decor To Get You Inspired

Boho or Bohemian concept is defined as a personal, exotic, and rule-breaking style of decorating a living space. In this context, anyone can have his own Boho style of decorating his own home. However, Bohemian decorated living spaces are usually relaxed, carefree, and unconventional. They also embody energy with various interesting items that have stories to tell.

Although there is no conventional way of Boho-decorating your own home, here are some inspirational ideas to start with:

Red and Blue Accented Boho Living Room

Yes, red and blue do not only blend in our flags. They can also be the dominant colors in a Boho living room. If you still cannot figure how these two strong colors can blend, try painting your wall with a faded blue shade and choose a sofa with blue outer fabric. Place a red polka-dot lampshade on a side table and adorn your sofa with red and blue throw pillows. The contrast created by these two colors can make your living room come to life.

Trendy Bohemian Living Room

If you have a huge collection of wall decors, coming up with this Boho living room will be very much easy to do. Arrange them in your living room walls. Hanging meaningful and memorable decors will surely add interest to your living room. Match it up with throw pillows of different shapes, colors, and sizes and you have a trendy Boho living room.

Graphic Bohemian Living Room

Choosing geometric pattern designed or a floral themed wall paper can provide a lively backdrop to your Boho living room. Having your wall pasted with themed wall paper can make your living room look fuller of color and shapes. Throw pillows with different patterns and shades can make this living room concept even more eye-catching.

Vintage Boho Living Room

This Boho living room style brings out sentimentality. Choose furniture that has classic designs. Earthy shades such as leather can give a retro look. You can also go for art decor made of wood or clay and black and white portraits. Ceramics and earthen pots for indoor plants can also add to the retro feel.

White and Red Boho Living Room

Many are still afraid of using red as the primary color of their living room. But when you contrast it with white, the effects can mellow down. A white wall spattered with red and plain white sofas can imbibe a vibrant ambiance. Go a little further with a red and white striped rug. Cover the center table with white fur to add softness to your Boho living room. The visual effect is phenomenal.

Petite Bohemian Living Room

Transform your small living room into an art gallery of floral-themed portraits on your living room’s wall. Match it with throw pillows of different shades and shapes. This Boho living room concept is truly eye-catching. Visitors will surely get mesmerized with this simple but appealing decorating style.

Calming Boho Living Room

Not all Boho living room concepts are aimed at always energizing the ambiance of the living room. This style will make any living room very suitable to relax and find peace. Hues of red, blue, orange and other shades can blend and have a mellow feel, making your living room more calming.

Botanical Boho Living Room

Choose a white wall paper with minimal floral prints and apply it on all the walls. Your living room will surely look neat and elegant. With this design, you can go for bright-colored sofas or throw pillows to liven up your living room.

Airy Bohemian Living Room

Curtains made from light materials that can easily be blown by moving air provide a refreshing feel to a Boho living room. Choose a translucent curtain with charcoal-colored pleats at the edges. Multi-colored throw pillows and a graphic rug on your floor will add softness and color to your living room.

Usually, those who are into Boho decorating whether be it in their kitchen, bedroom, or living room are those who want to buy decorative stuff as souvenirs. Expect travelers who go from one destination to another to have a Boho living room.

There is no exact definitive characteristic of a Boho living room. Each one will always contain a personal touch of the owner of the house which makes his living room unique from all the rest. Even if you are inspired with one of the many options above, adding different decorative stuff will make your living room different from others.

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