Small Closet? Try These Other Closet Decor Ideas

There are many ways a person can make their home comfortable and attractive. Some people build storage units that can allow you to have more free space. Well, today, let us take a look at how you can store clothing without the use of a closet.

This idea is a simple way to save time and money and keep the room tidy. If you are looking for a few ideas to store your clothes without building or buying a closet, these tips might be just what you need. 

Three Combo

The three combo mix uses dressers, rods, and shelves to create a sleek look and store various things. Rods are excellent for hangers to keep dresses tidy. Dressers are handy for smaller items as you will find a place for everything. The shelving helps big time for those extra that you want to put away. This idea works nicely in an area designated for closet space without doors.

Curtain Closet

This curtain idea is another smart and exciting way to store clothes and other personal effects. In this particular style, you can use dressers for storing smaller clothing and items. The top of the dresser is an excellent unit for shoes. You can have shelf storage above and a rod under that to tuck away your dresses, shirts, and blouses. The curtain works as a cover keeping your things well hidden.

Racks For Clothing

An excellent way to store your clothes without the use of a wardrobe is with storage racks. This method works best if used in an area designed for closet space. The frames of different heights will allow you to have a lot more room to store clothes; this particular style means you have to keep your shoes on the floor. Buy plenty of hangers, so the clothes look tidy.


Using baskets as a method for storing your clothes is brilliant. This idea works well for those with limited space and allows for easy access to clothes and other items. Persons who live in tiny homes have used this method for years, and it works well. The key is to have a bed high enough to store the baskets. The type of divan you choose will determine if this method can work for you.

Industrial Look

If you are the type of person into a more industrial look, this is a great idea. It involves building a rack using lengths of pipe to make a nice clothes rack. It is a simple do it yourself that requires various connections and the tools to fasten each piece. Add a few screws and secure it to the roof to keep it stable and robust.

Racks And Shelves Combo

You can take a large enough space and make it look tidy and elegant. The process requires a few clothes racks, similar to those at a department store, and some wall shelves. The shelves can store things like shoes, while the stands will hold clothing. This design allows easy access to all of your personal effects.

Bedhead Storage

Keeping clothes and other items to hand is simple with this storage idea. All it takes is a few shelves and rods for clothing and the proper design behind your bed. Instead of a headboard, you have a closet space accessible from your bed if you want. Designer storage boxes on shelves make a grand style. 

Make It White

The lack of a wardrobe or dresser means you will need to find a way to make your clothing less untidy-looking. Clothing racks help, but one of the best ways to create a visual that looks tidy is with a white wall. A white room wall stops the space from looking too busy, creating a more desirable look.

Dangle From Ceiling

Placing clothing high in the room, very close to the ceiling, is another option. This idea creates another visual that can trick the eyes, making the space look attractive and straightforward. The best way is by installing rods to hold clothes hangers. You can also add shelving and a dresser if you need them. Place the clothes in a corner so that they appear tidier.

These are some fantastic ways to use the space in your bedroom to store clothing and other items. The ideas shared shows how easy it is to make a room more livable and soft on the eyes. Even if you don’t make these designs on your own, I am sure they will give you some inspiration.

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