Enhance Your Stairway With These Eye Popping Ideas For Inspiration

A large majority of the houses built have more than one story level. This means that any home with two stories or more will have a staircase for easy access to the upper level. Many people focus on the stairs’ style, which can be a focal point in the home.

Have you ever thought about decorating the area around the staircase as another way to enhance its beauty? Maybe you should; as you ponder the idea, here are some brilliant staircase ideas that may inspire you.

Black Is Beautiful

During the last few decades, the stigma that surrounded black designs has decreased tremendously. More people are opting for black homes, inside and outside of the house. This practice means a black staircase would be excellent in your home; contrasted with white walls, it will stand out. Adding some wall art with black trimming and trimmings on the bottom of the floor looks good. 


Try adding a bookshelf at the top of the staircase out of your path sound like a great idea. If you have a space in the wall, that will do the trick, but if you have no worries, make it small enough not to be a concern. Using the full height of the wall is suggested as it helps the appearance when using the stairs.

Bright Designs

An excellent idea for your stairs would be bright neon colors and a smart design on the walls. The appearance of the steps with the graphics on the wall will contrast each other and create a work of art that you can walk on. I am sure it will feel great to walk on and admire your new staircase. Use colors that are appealing to the eyes and make you happy.

Blue, Blue Blue

Blue is the type of color that makes you think of the sky and sea. It has a warming effect on the soul, and many persons love the color. Rich blues would make your stairway look gorgeous, with murals painted on both sides of the wall for added liveliness. Use a light color on the walls that allows the blue to pop; think pink or white.

Fancy Tiles

Most stairs are carpeted or sometimes just bare wood, depending on preference. However, using tiles is a cool way to decorate your staircase. If you are thinking of using decorated tiles, you should as they add finesse to the look. A mixture of decorated and plain colored tiles can make the stairs a talking piece. Place the decorated tiles facing while the plain ones are flat on the floor surface. 

Artwork Staircase

You can turn your staircase into a work of art with bright colors and cute paintings. Mismatching colors on the stairs that blend with your painting’s colors will give a modern yet chic look. Since the colors used are bright, it is smarter to use a dark-colored wall to increase the stairs and the artwork’s contrast.

Basket Look

If your staircase has a large area on the outside, you can think of decorating that space. An excellent idea would be to use baskets as artwork instead of the traditional art frame. You can place them in a design if you have many of them, which increases the look’s appeal. You can also use hats if you don’t have enough baskets for the job.

Large Mural

If your staircase and the area surrounding it are large enough, you can make a beautiful mural. The mural you design should have colors that flow with the ones used on the staircase so that everything looks grand and uniform. Black and white murals stand out, but you aren’t limited to such types.

Accent Stairs

A staircase can have many designs that give the home a special touch. Some styles are more open, others more enclosed, and some are a bit of both. A wooden accent wall allows the stairs to be a designer piece while allowing privacy and a bit of exposure. Wood is easy to use to make designs that will stand out.

Hanging Fabric On The Walls

You can make your stairs feel more attractive and friendly by adding fabrics on the walls. This style is one of the easiest of all the options you will find on this list. Some people use decorated carpets as an option that have lovely designs. There are other things you can use; it is all about preference. 

If you have never thought about decorating your staircase and making it look desirable, I hope these ideas would have given you some inspiration. I am sure you will find some of the designs very interesting, and maybe you can share your ideas with others.

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