9 Brilliant Outdoor Storage Ideas That Make Sense

Outdoor storage can be the best solution to all those inconveniences and hard work of bringing in all the stuff you have outside before bad weather. You also have to store in one place all the things you use outside like garden tools to keep things organized. Aside from the bad weather, outdoor storages are also needed for some items that can be damaged by your pets and these may include cushions, fabrics like seat and table covers, and children’s toys. Without outdoor storage, things can look disorganized and they can be damaged more easily.

Indeed, doing your outdoor chores and other activities, like picnics, can be more effortless and convenient with outdoor storage because the things you need are within arm’s reach. They can also be used in other ways aside from their storage functions. You can use them as your table, bench, or to place some decorative stuff. They are so versatile, so you should have them in your yard or deck.

Here are some exciting outdoor storage ideas that you can consider.

The Classic Storage Box

Wooden storage boxes have been here for ages. They were used to keep the most valued possessions. Try making a modern version, making sure that water will not leak to the inside. Paint your wooden storage box with the best exterior paint and you will have storage space for outdoor pillows, cushions, fabric covers, and other stuff. You can also use it as a center table, bench, or stand for your potted plants.

Innovative Outdoor Crate Coffee Table

If you have some crates at home, you can make use of four pieces to make a coffee table. In case you need a wider center table, you can use more crates. You may have to tie them together so a rushing dog will not disentangle the pieces. You can finish it with a glass countertop to make it look elegant. The more trays you use, the more spaces you have to stuff different items.

Dual Purpose Outdoor Bench

An outdoor bench can be used to sit on and store some items like your garden tools. You can also stuff cushions and fabrics inside benches that are built-in on your deck or patio.

Outdoor Toy Storage and Kiddie Garage

It’s not uncommon that children cry over toys that they cannot find. For toys that are played with outside like balls, toy trucks, and even bikes, make some compartments of the space beneath a high table to accommodate all your children’s toys. This way, they will know where to get and store their toys.

Firewood Cart With Wheels

A firewood cart with wheels will not only provide storage space for your firewood but will also help you transport the firewood to its designated place without having to carry them on your shoulder. If you usually pile more firewood, you may also need to construct an outdoor firewood shed.

Outdoor Plant Stand for Your Garden Hose

Leaving your garden hose without looping and storing it in one place may not give the best sight to your garden. It may appear littered. Aside from that, it can also cause accidental tipping off anyone who wishes to have a walk in your garden. Make use of an outdoor planter to store your garden hose after each time that you use it.

Outdoor Hanging Organizer

If you have a hanging organizer to store your makeup, it can also be very useful outdoors. You can use one to organize small garden tools or if you have an outdoor kitchen, it also helps to keep small items in place. When using it for your garden tools, you can store gloves, scissors, twines, seed pockets, etc. Never leave garden tools on the ground as they can cause accidents.

Bookshelf Made into an Outdoor Bench

Do you still collect books? If you stopped long ago with the advent of the internet, you can convert it into an outdoor bench. Let it stand horizontally on your patio. If your bookshelf is made from old wood, it would surely complement your wooden patio. Tuck in items inside the compartments to maximize its use.

Built-In Patio Storage Cabinets

If you have a larger patio, you can have a built-in cabinet that is chest-high. The cabinets can be used to store a multitude of things. Purchase some high chairs and you have an outdoor bar.

Outdoor storage solutions need not be solely used for storing purposes. They can be so versatile to suit our other needs and wants. Besides functionality, they can also enhance the appearance of our homes. What’s good about these storage ideas is that they are mostly DIY.

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