11 Classy Ideas For A Gray Bathroom Theme

Some homeowners may not even think twice when choosing the shade of their bathrooms. They may readily go for their favorite colors which they may regret later. Bathroom renovation, although it only involves a small portion of your home, can give so much discomfort. So when choosing your bathroom’s shade, choosing a neutral color can be the best option.

Accordingly, gray is the perfect neutral color. It is calm and diplomatic. It can tone down the effects of brighter hues so it creates a mellowed ambiance. Besides that, gray will be hard to be out of fashion. You can have many options when you choose gray for your bathroom shade. Here are some classy ideas for a gray-themed bathroom:

Modern Dark Gray Bathroom

Millennials will surely go for this bathroom design. It has a modern feel and uses more of the darker shades of gray. The flooring and the back wall use charcoal gray, which provides a stark contrast to the pearly white ceiling and the other side of the wall. Other parts of the bathroom can use off-white to subtle gray. The ambiance is so soothing that you may spend long hours during the weekend to relax a weary mind and spirit.

Soft Warm Gray Bathroom with Cathedral Windows

This is another contemporary design that is perfect for a gray-themed bathroom. With a shiny white bathtub right below a pair of cathedral windows, you won’t be bereft of sunshine while you are in the freestanding tub. Cabinet and countertops are all white. On the other hand, the floor and walls have different subtle shades of gray.

Tiny Dark Gray Bathroom

Some condo units and apartments may not have massive bathrooms to save on space. Don’t be afraid to try a gray-themed bathroom thinking that your bathroom may appear even smaller. Keep the half bottom of your bathroom white while you can go for darker grays on the upper portion of your bathroom.

Gray Bathroom with Feminine Touch

You can add a bit of feminine touch to your gray bathroom by adorning it with some walls with beautifully designed wallpaper. A clear wall of off-white to subtle gray where the shower is mounted will make your bathroom look larger. Add a nice piece of metallic high stool to add a contemporary feel to this all-female gray bathroom.

Sweet Gray Bathroom

Your teenager will surely love this gray-themed bathroom. The feeling cannot be bland even if your bathroom is all gray. With accents such as a bouquet of flowers and framed pictures hanging on the walls, your gray bathroom can be so full of life. With an elegant filigreed framed mirror at the center, sweetness truly radiates in this bathroom.

Timeless Gray Bathroom with Marble Backsplash

A countertop and backsplash made of marble make this gray-themed bathroom timelessly elegant. Add a traditional rug on the floor to make it even richer in tradition.

Gray Bathroom with a Touch of Blue

Deep blue can go perfectly with subtle gray as it can balance the brightness of your bathroom. When the colors are put together, you have a very calm ambiance that you will surely like to stay longer in your bathroom.

Gray Bathroom with a Pop of Red

A red backsplash or countertop will surely make an all-gray bathroom pop. This is a perfect way to avoid a monochromatic bathroom. It will surely add brightness to a bathroom with charcoal tiles on the floor and most of the walls.

Gray Bathroom with Focal Floors

This can be the design preferred by a minimalist. All of the walls, cabinets, and other items are white to gray radiating a monochromatic visual effect. But when you look lower, you will see beautiful tile flooring with stripes of gray shades.

Byzantine-Inspired Gray Bathroom

You must have a tall bathroom to have this sophisticated Medieval-inspired bathroom. With a golden chandelier hanging from the ceiling, it can readily transform a monochromatic gray bathroom into a classy space.

Warm and Elegant Gray Bathroom

The use of beige flooring and countertop may add warmth to an otherwise monochromatic gray bathroom. With a large wooden door leading to the outdoor, you can feel the sun while watching the views from the outside. Position the bathtub diagonally against the door and have a nice dip.

These gray-themed bathroom ideas can prove that gray is not a boring shade for your bathroom. It is called the ultimate neutral color as it blends with any other shades perfectly. It can also be used in types of bathrooms of different sizes and shapes.

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