10 Intelligent Designs To Store Garden Tools

Whether you tend your garden almost every day or only during the weekend, it is important that you clean and stores your tools in one place after every use. Locating garden tools may not be easy to do, especially if you have a wide yard. Aside from being hazardous, you may be shortening their useful lives.

You should know that exposing your tools to the elements can also damage them. Even on a dry night, tools made of metal can rust because of the morning dew. Indeed, when it comes to garden tools, it is best to be organized. Here are some intelligent designs that you can consider for storing all your garden tools before you take a time off:

A Multi-Purpose Outdoor Pegboard

A well-placed pegboard can be so versatile. Choose an area to make a large pegboard where you can hang a multitude of items that you need outdoors. In one portion, you can hang your garden tools from shovels to rakes, gloves, etc. You can place the pegboard right under the eaves of your home, so all the items can be saved from direct exposure to the sun and rain. One advantage of a pegboard is that you may be able to see immediately what you need.

An Outdoor Bench With Storage

Making one or two outdoor benches with enclosed storage under the seat is very useful. You can make a bigger and longer bench so almost all your tools can be accommodated. Coat your bench with outdoor wood paint and you have a beautiful structure that you can sit on or place some of your potted plants.

A Garden Tool Shed

A tool shed where you can store all your gardening tools and other items such as fertilizers and insecticides (if you use them) can be very helpful in organizing all your garden needs. A covered shed can be more advisable if you have young kids and some furry friends roaming around your yard. This will ensure safety while preventing your tools from being taken somewhere else without you knowing it.

A Converted Mailbox

Instead of unearthing your old mailbox and dumping it on the next garbage truck that will arrive, you can as well remodel it into storage for smaller garden tools. You are not only keeping a sentimental structure on your property but remodeling a rusty mailbox will be both functional and aesthetic.

A Customized Wood Pallet

If you have some pieces of wood on your property and you have decent carpentry skills, making a wood pallet purposely to store your tools is a good thing to do. By making a wood pallet yourself, you know the right size that you need. You can also paint it or finish it with a neutral varnish to preserve the color of the wood.

Tool Racks on Your Fence

Choose the part of your fence that is nearest to your garden and make some racks. If you have a massive fence surrounding your property, you may be able to make racks that can accommodate all your garden tools.

Repurposed Old Rakes

If you have some old rakes which may have broken handles and or twisted forks, you can get rid of the handles, clean and steel paint, and mount them on an exterior wall. So all your tools can be stored in one place, attach some hooks on the wall to hang your other tools.

Refurbished Old File Cabinet

While your old file cabinet may still be in good shape, it may not be serving the importance it previously had. Files are now stored in the clouds and having your old file cabinet inside your home may not be essential anymore. Bring it out, remove the drawers and let it rest on the ground with the open spaces facing up. Now, you have many compartments for all your garden tools. Repainting the old steel cabinet with exterior paint will make it a thing of beauty in your yard.

Functional Garden Obelisks

Obelisks are structures in a garden that are usually constructed for aesthetic purposes. Why not make larger ones that can store some of your garden tools? On one side of the obelisk are hinged doors so the tools can be secured.

Remodeled Empty Dog House

Whatever reason why the dog house in your yard has no more occupant, you can still make it functional once again by converting it into garden tool storage. Adjust the roof so you can open it from above. This way, you can use all the space of the dog house to store a variety of garden tools.

Indeed, there are many ways to organize your garden tools. Choosing one design may be based on the availability of materials needed, space constraints, and the aesthetic value it may bring. Whatever your choice is, it will surely make your gardening more efficient and will keep your surroundings safer for everybody.

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