10 Amazingly Unusual Wallpaper Murals That Rock

Wondering what to do with that huge blank wall in your living room or perhaps that all-white wall in your bedroom? There are many things that you can do to decorate that empty space. You can consider hanging some photos or maybe your own paintings. But you know what would be better? You can install wallpaper…Not just the regular wallpaper, but in mural form. This will certainly transform your place into something unique.

The thing with wallpaper murals is that they come in all sorts of colors and designs. You are free to choose one that reflects your personality.

Here are some amazingly unusual wallpaper murals that rock:

Pink and Blue Coast

This pink and blue coast wallpaper mural is striking and will surely take your bathroom, or any section of your home, to the next level. Look at that rush of waves. They look so calming. It is a great way to bring the beauty of the sea right to your house!

If you plan on installing this amazing wallpaper mural, you can have it in your bathroom. It would be nice if you can get some small decorative stuff that will complement it. You may also opt to put it in your bedroom or even your home office. It will make your space very relaxing and definitely Instagram-worthy!

Spiral Staircase

If you love abstracts, then this one is for you – spiral staircase. It consists of bold lines and neutral colors, but the combination is really stunning. This wallpaper mural would make a simple kitchen or dining room stand out, especially if you have a wooden table and chairs. You can also use it to decorate a minimalist room.

Jungle Beauty

Green hues are a favorite in the world of interior design. They are regarded as the most restful color for the eye. They can bring in a sense of calmness and harmony. Now, this wallpaper mural comes with a close-up view of the jungle, featuring an array of green hues. This right here is another way to make a muted room more charming. With this jungle print wallpaper mural, you can feature lush vibes, more so if you accessorize with potted plants in different sizes.

Midnight World Map

If you are one who loves traveling, this world map in a midnight setting wallpaper mural would be an incredible way to decorate your bedroom or perhaps your home office. You may opt to mark all the countries that you’ve been to. A few years from now, you’d be surprised at how many places you’ve already seen.

This world map wallpaper mural is made even more attractive because it is made in a midnight setting.

Beautiful Feathers

Who wouldn’t fall in love with these cotton candy pink and blue feathers? They can help add lashings of texture, especially to your bedroom. You will see a huge difference once you are done installing this wallpaper mural. Your room will look more peaceful, which can help you get a good night’s sleep. It will make you feel like you are in heaven!

Beach View

If you fancy owning a beach house, you can fulfill this dream by adding this beach view wallpaper mural to your bedroom or even in the living room. Featuring the white sands, blue water, and palm trees, you will feel like you are by the beach for real! This is an excellent option to transform a box room.

Medieval Stone Arcs

Have you always been interested in history or ancient times? Even if you live in a modern apartment or house, this wallpaper mural that features medieval stone arcs would be your best option. You will fall in love with it for sure! You can then transform that boring wall into something wonderful like a castle.

This wallpaper would be nice in your dining room or living room. Complete the scene with a modern furniture set. The outcome would surprise you.

Big Waves

Now, if you are a surfer yourself, this wallpaper mural is certainly a must-have for your home, be it in the living room or your bedroom. Look at those big waves, showcasing the powerful glory of the ocean. Imagine waking up to this seascape every single day. It would be nice!

Polar Bear Underwater

Dreaming of being an arctic explorer? How about having this wallpaper mural featuring an adorable polar bear underwater? It would be great to have this in your bedroom. It’s like being in another world!


Leopard skin is not just a good design for bags, coats, clothes, and other accessories, but also for wallpaper murals. If you are a huge fan of big cats, then this wallpaper mural is something that you should have. It can make your living room more glamorous.

These are just some of the many amazingly unusual wallpaper murals that you can find out there. You really don’t have to settle for something that is very common. Going for extraordinary home decor will help you transform your space into one that is more appealing. Wallpaper murals like these really rock!

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