11 Awe Inspiring Nursery Room Theme Ideas

So you are expecting a baby, and you want to spend your time creating a cute and stylish nursery room? Well, consider the space itself as a blank canvas, and you are the artist. You can control everything from the walls to the ceiling as well as the different elements that you want to put in the room.

You don’t have to break the bank either in order for you to end up with an impressive room for your little one. What you need is a little creativity. Now, when it comes to the theme, you have a bunch of options.

The following are awe-inspiring nursery room theme ideas that you might want to consider:

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian nursery designs are timeless and exquisite. Yes, they usually come with a neutral backdrop and simple lines, but the outcome is really charming, creating a calming feel. Simplicity is what makes a Scandinavian-style nursery room stand out.

With this theme, you can introduce some patterns and textures. Since it is going to be your baby’s room, geometric patterns would be good. You are free to add pops of color and interesting prints to make the space more baby-like.

White and Pink

Are you expecting a baby girl? You have a lot of choices from the crib design to the color of the room itself, not to mention the accessories. Well, when it comes to girls, pink is the favorite color. But then, you really don’t have to paint the entire room pink. You can combine it with white. This color combination can transcend serenity and femininity, which is absolutely perfect for your little girl.

To make the nursery room more appealing, you can introduce pastel colors like grey. Gold accents would be great, too.

Modern Minimalist

While new parents tend to buy all sorts of things for the nursery room, the devoted minimalists prefer keeping the nursery room simple yet cozy and charming. There is no need to buy an expensive full-sized crib or a changing table. There is no need to overdo the accessories either.

For a modern minimalist baby room, you can keep the bedding simple. In fact, you can even consider a floor bed. You are also free to add a nursery chair and perhaps a nice area rug. Adding some potted plants would make the space look cozier too.

All About Pastel

It is always a delight to decorate a baby’s room. But just like anything else, it comes with challenges, one of which is choosing a color palette. If you want your bundle of joy’s room to be whimsical, pastel color palettes is the best way to go. The main color of the wall may be white but try to decorate it with picture frames or perhaps wallpaper in soft shades. The same is true with other accessories like throw pillows, toys, etc.

Black and White

When you hear black and white nursery room, you might think that it is boring. But just take a look at the image. It is anything but boring! The truth is, it is very appealing, plus it is a gender-neutral theme. It is also versatile, giving you endless options. You can add an area rug, throw pillows, play tent, and beddings with geometric patterns. You have the freedom to try pattern mixing as well.

Ocean Theme

The ocean is certainly awe-inspiring. Be it an adult’s room or a baby’s room, an ocean theme is something that you can consider. You can paint the room light blue, or you can leave it white and add some accessories in different shades of blue. Hang some paintings of whales or a ship to complete the theme.

Travelers’ Baby Room

If you are one who gets excited with the thought of traveling, then you can utilize your wanderlust when decorating the room of your baby. This will also serve as an educational tool as your bundle of joy grows up. Decorate the room with a world map, compass, and maybe a suitcase under the crib. Simple yet fascinating!

Full of Colors

Kids love colors. There is no question about that. Colors play an important role in their development. So if you are wondering how to create an awe-inspiring nursery room, you can fill it with colors. Combine soft shades with bold colors and you will end up with an eye-catching space for your little one.

Classic White

Now, let’s go classic. Well, white is on top of the list. It symbolizes purity and calmness.  You can never go wrong with this color. Plus, you can always add some colors later on if you wish to. If this is the route that you would like to take, you can have all the major components of the room white and then introduce some accessories with super soft shades.

Gray and Yellow

Having this theme will help you create a stylish, gender-neutral space. This combination is trendy. You can never underestimate the radiance of yellow, that’s for sure.

Paint the walls and ceiling gray. You can look for a gray crib too and then pick yellow beddings and throw pillows or perhaps stuffed toys.


Nowadays, new parents try to combine modern accessories with classic decor when creating a nursery room. And the result? An eye-catching space! You can try adding some bohemian decorations while leaving the furniture modern.

It is always fun decorating a nursery room. This is the best time to bring out the child in you. By combining cute accessories and the right blend of colors, there is no doubt that you will end up with a room that will make your baby super happy!

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