9 DIY Bed Frame Ideas For Your Dream Bedroom

We all have our own dream bedroom, but not all of us have the money to buy expensive furniture and decorations as celebrities and millionaires have in their mansions. The truth is, even if you have the funds, you really don’t have to spend it all just to achieve the bedroom of your dreams. When it comes to components like bed frames and other bedroom decors, you can always resort to the do-it-yourself approach.

Wait a minute. Bed frame? Is it possible to build one yourself? Of course, it is! And you’ll be surprised at how much money you would save. Take a look at these amazing DIY bed frame ideas:

Simple, Rustic Bed Frame

Getting bored with your all-white bedroom? Take it to the next level by building a simple rustic bed frame made with reclaimed wood. This project takes more than a glue gun. But no worries, once you have the wood and you have it cut with the sizes that this style of bed frame requires, all you would need is your hammer and nails. Polish the bed frame, of course, and let it dry before you put the mattress and beddings on.

Pallet Bed Frame

Yes, that’s right. You can make use of those wooden pallets to make a very impressive bed frame even for the master’s bedroom. This right here suits a rustic or farmhouse-style interior design. You can make your own pallets or you can also get them from supermarket warehouses.

If you intend to use the pallets as is and you don’t want to paint them, it is highly recommended that you sand them at least. Simply join the pallets together to create your bed frame. Now, the number of pallets that this project requires depends on how big you want your bed to be. You can stack them as well if you want your bed to be a little bit higher.

Plywood Bed Frame

With this one, you need the thickest possible plywood, enough to hold your mattress. If you know anything about welding, you may opt to weld the legs. One of the highlights of this bed frame is the headboard, which is also made with a sheet of plywood. It can serve as a headboard on its own. You can also paint it or cover it with wallpaper.

Low-Hanging Bed

This low-hanging bed is super easy to make. You just need some wood slabs or salvaged beams and chains or ropes to hang the bed. Be sure, though, that the materials are strong enough, and so does the ceiling. The challenge comes with hanging the bed itself, but it’s all worth it. Look at how cool it is! It definitely is an attention grabber.

All-White Bed Frame

To complete the Scandinavian look of your dream bedroom, feel free to create a simple, all-white bed frame. When it comes to the materials, you can use some wooden pallets or simply repurpose some woods that you have on hand. You have the option to add a headboard if you wish to. The finishing touch, of course, is painting the bed frame white.

Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed Frame

This DIY bed frame project is for the intermediate builders out there. You should know how to use a sander, drill, miter saw, as well as a table saw. You probably need a router too. It actually is a simple project, but if you want a smoother finish, it may take quite a while. This bedroom is perfect for an industrial bedroom with dark wooden floors.

Canopy Bed

Canopy beds are still well-loved up to these days. And, yes, you can definitely build one yourself without having to worry about attending a workshop or buying expensive tools. First, you have to cut your wood and then drill pocket holes. After which, you then have to sand, stain, and seal. You also have to add the supports before assembling the end pieces and working on the side rails.

Stylish Bed Frame With Drawers

This type of bed frame works really well for small homes or apartments. It is classic yet multifunctional. It gives you lots of storage space so that your dream bedroom will be more organized. Before you start working on the bed frame itself, consider the size of your mattress. You can then look for fine wood boards and build the frame. Finish it off with your choice of paint.

Bed Frame With Wheels

With wood boards and plywood, you can make this simple bed frame with wheels. This would be great for you if you are one who loves to rearrange your bedroom from time to time. This project may be a little complicated because you need to install four wheels, but your effort is definitely worth it.

There you go with some DIY bed frame ideas for your bedroom. Which one is your favorite? No matter what the design of your dream bedroom is, there will always be a DIY bed frame that suits your taste. Just imagine the amount of money you would be saving!

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