6 Elements to Styling Your Coffee Table for a New Season


The key to a living room refresh for any season with just a small amount of time and money.  

The coffee table is the focal point of the living room, thus from a style perspective it is high impact.  A well-curated coffee table should be a mix of both style and function. It needs to serve the purpose of… well… serving, but it can also show off your personality, spark conversation, and adapt your room to the season. 

HDQ’s go-to elements that you can rearrange and replace time and time again.  



  •  Candle 

Romeo and Juliet.  Peanut butter and jelly.  Wine and cheese. The candle and the coffee table – a dynamic duo for the ages. 

Swap your candles out based on the time of year – choose a refreshing floral scent for Spring, or a deep pine in December.


  • Coffee Table Books 

Choose books that mean something to you or in a subject that interests you.  Display your beautiful books where people can see them and read them.  

Pro tip – Stack them to offer height differentiation on the table and top with a decorative object. 


  •  Natural Accents 

Keep your table looking fresh by rotating natural elements to compliment the season or the setting of your home.  Anything from a succulent, to cut flowers, to a piece of driftwood will bring life into your space.  


  • Boxes 

Stack decorative boxes in different textures to bring in color and add dimension.  Stores things like matches for your candles, coasters or cocktail napkins.  


  • Trays 

Anchor it all together.  Trays are a great way to pick up color accents from elsewhere in the room, keep your table elements looking organized, and act as an anchor for your tablescape.  

New colorful pillows for spring?  Find a coffee table tray that picks up one of the colors to make it all come together. 


  •  Personal Objects

Bring your personality into your space with a small decorative object or personal memento that means something to you.  


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  1. Thanks for visiting my site. Would my Sarasvati statuette qualify as a personal object to refresh a coffee table? Especially with the unearthly light that visits it from time to time?

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