Clutter Free Ideas For Your Home Workshop

Many people have chosen to work from home due to the ongoing pandemic. The transition has been more comfortable for some, while others have had to adapt because of space. There are ways to work around this problem for those who require more space or find themselves with plenty of clutter. A home office would be a simple fix, but more will be necessary for those with a workshop full of tools or little gadgets. If you are one of those persons having challenges with clutter, here are some ideas that could help you.


Pegboards are a great way to store small items in a workshop. Persons who spend time doing crafts will find this idea beneficial. Pegboards are versatile and can be used with hooks and other apparatus to hold tools and other lightweight items. You will find that this option works well for your garage as well.

Bar and Hook

If you want to create a simple but effective storage option, you have to think outside the box. Another great idea is to attach a bar to your workspace wall and hooks along the bar. The bar’s clips can hold bins and other storage products that can fit your knick-knacks. This design means you can have multiple storage choices.

Paint Holder Ideas

Many people find it much easier to buy a can of spray paint and decorate their projects. If you are one of those who fall into this category, then here is a great idea to store those paint cans. You will need a piece of plywood or equivalent and several tubes that the spray can fit. Connecting these tubes to the plywood is all that is required, and maybe a dose of paint.

Note Holders

This particular idea will work wonders for those who love to write notes for future reference. It isn’t a new idea to put your thoughts on paper, but this idea will improve your work area. A sheet of corkboard and some clipboards will transform your wall into a place to brainstorm ideas. Those ideas are always at eyes when ready to use.

Rolling Cart

A rolling cart will work for anyone who wants a storage unit that can move to specific locations. This style allows you to use a small area of space and keep everything tidy. You can make your rolling cart if you are into DIY projects or buy from your local hardware store. However, making your own allows you to add the capacity and style you require.

Plastic Storage Containers

Using plastic containers as a storage option is an excellent idea. These containers will keep your workspace tidy and make it easy to find what you want. You can also put labels on the boxes for easy reference. There are various types of plastic containers you can use, so do your research for your situation’s best options.


Magnets can make a significant storage design for clutter in a workshop. This idea works well for metallic objects that you use for work purposes. The project is a simple one that requires wood, a few magnet strips, and somewhere to set it up. Just install the wood to the wall and connect the magnet strips as you see fit. 

Brush Storage

This brush storage idea works well for paintbrushes but can work for anything that can fit the bars. This idea doesn’t require much; attach pieces of wood to the walls and connect the metal tubes to the wood. You can now add your paintbrushes or whatever else you may desire to use this design to store.

Corner Storage

Maximizing the workspace you have can be an easy fix with some simple ideas. One of the best ways to do this is to use the corner of the room for storage. You can put shelving and drawers in the corner space for all your necessities and leave the rest of the area for work. There are many shelf designs you can try; find the ones that suit your needs.

Large Storage

You can build your own large storage space in one spot for convenience. Mechanics and carpenters use this style in particular for its multiple storage options. This design is suitable for people who have lots of tools and gadgets for their work and need easy access. The storage unit will do that, and more as storing items is hassle-free.

I hope you found these ideas helpful as working from home becomes more prevalent. Regardless of what you do at home, I am sure there is something you can take away from these styles to help you make working much more convenient and fun. 

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