Must-Have Living Room Accessories

Couches and chairs are integral components of every living room, but your space will never be complete without some – say it with us – DECOR. The decorative items are what bring personality into the room, showing off who you are and making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Here are what we at RHD think are must haves:


Greenery seems to be making it into every one of our posts these days, and that’s no accident!  Plants fit in with any style of decor, breathe life into your space, add texture, and a pop of color.

So how do you accentuate your living room using indoor plants? If you don’t have enough space, we love hanging plants.  Blank wall?  We love to build shelves and adorn them with a variety of potted plants and flowers.  Need to make a big statement or fill a corner?  Place a large floor plant in a large pot or basket.  The options are endless.


Most new homes and apartment units do not come carpeted. This is why investing in rugs is essential. We guarantee you that rugs can effortlessly transform your living room, plus they can uplift your mood as well.

We love using rugs to divide a room into different sections while simultaneously changing the color scheme. The benefit of area rugs is that they can be removed, repositioned, or replaced easily. And since this accessory comes in just about every color, shape, design, and material that you can think of, there is no limit to how creative you can be!

Pro Tip: Doesn’t hurt that rugs will cover up imperfections in your flooring – especially in highly trafficked areas.

Living room in luxury highrise apartment

Coffee Table

A functional coffee table can actually enhance the utility of your living room in more ways than you can imagine. It anchors your decorative pieces together and makes the living space feel complete.

We love oval, rectangular, round, square, marble, glass, wood, and even brass coffee tables.  Whatever your choice is, it’s a piece of furniture that will not only help improve the overall look of your living room but also increase its functionality.


To add instant mood and warmth to your living room, consider adding some candles. Candles have the ability to create intimacy and make your place cozy and very welcoming.

How can you decorate your living room with candles? You can use them as centerpieces on the table; position them on side tables; arrange them in stylish candleholders or perhaps large glass jars.

Pro Tip:  We love matching candles scents to the seasons.  Pine and deeper smells in winter, cotton and florals for spring.  Set the mood and feel of your home not only visually, but via smell as well!

New living room with couch

Throw Pillows

The living room is a place for relaxation, so we love to load up on comfy pillows.  We love accessorizing with throw pillows as it is one of the easiest ways to inject style into any room and adapt your room to changing seasons.


Pillows on luxury couch in simple living room interior

Throw Blankets

We love throw blankets as much as we do comfy pillows. Instead of leaving your couch bare and cold, consider displaying one or two throw blankets. They will surely add color, pattern, and texture to your living space, plus they are a perfect way to get all comfy, especially on cold winter nights.


Drapes are another wonderful way of introducing color and patterns to your living room. They can give the space an instant character that will certainly impress everyone. Don’t be afraid to go with bold colors as they are attention-grabbers or opt for lighter curtains that will add a dreamy feel.


Some people believe that displaying a wall clock may bring good luck to your home. While the main function of this accessory is to help you keep track of the time, it is also regarded as tasteful and practical home decor. You just have to display it right.

For good fortune, display the clock to the north, east, or northeast. You can also hang it above a couch or perhaps above a table or bookshelf. It can face opposite a window or doorway as well.

When choosing a wall clock, pick something striking and one that can complement your living room decor.


To bring life to those empty corners, lonely mantles, and bare tabletops, consider displaying a vase. This delicate piece is an easy way to spruce up your living room.

You can find vases in a wide array of sizes, colors, heights, shapes, and materials. Try to find one that is bold enough to stand on its own. Or, if you want, you can also fill it with a beautiful arrangement from the local market.

Achieving a beautiful living room scheme highly depends on the accessories you choose. From throw pillows to coffee tables and vases, these decorative items can certainly take your place to the next level. Have fun accessorizing!



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  1. I’m pleased to find I’ve incorporated all the above features into our living area without guidance from an interior decorator, just by using common sense, nostalgia, & a lifetime of unusual collectibles from family, friends, & ‘junking’ at flea markets on vacations.

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