12 Excellent Accent Wall Ideas

Do you want to add a dose of color or pattern to your home interior without spending too much money? If so, try creating an accent wall. Yes, an accent wall is an excellent way to decorate a room and make it more stylish. It can also challenge your creativity. It is a perfect opportunity for you to add your personal touch to your living space.

With the mere mention of ‘accent wall’, many people are intimidated. But really, it should not be that way. In fact, it is much easier to do than repainting or installing new wallpaper for the whole room. That’s because you will only have to focus on one wall. Believe us, the impact will be huge.

Here are some excellent accent wall ideas that you might want to consider:


Stripes are a wonderful way to add fun not only to a child’s bedroom but also to that of adults. Additionally, we love stripes in any common living spaces like the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. You can make use of soft horizontal stripes, one bold stripe, vertical stripes, as well as tone-on-tone stripes.

In general, stripes make a room look larger. And depending on the color that you opt to utilize, the room will will look brighter as well.


Creating an accent wall is not all about the colors and patterns. If you want to keep it simple, you can still make use of neutral colors.  For this, we love using tasteful paneling. This will add subtle dimension without creating too big of a statement.

Bright Hue

Working in a small space? No worries. You can still make a statement wall by painting it with a bright hue, something that will energize you. You can then add contrast with decor like the yellow throw pillows in the image below. Don’t be afraid to make a statement!

Black and Gold

Some people are hesitant to paint their walls black because they think it will make a room look small and dark. But we at RHD, highly suggest you give it a try! Add hints of gold, and you’ll end up with a high-contrast blend that can match any interior design from contemporary to classic or even Victorian.  The duo can make your living room, dining room, or bedroom look sophisticated and polished. To get best results, opt for ambient and accent lighting.


Utilizing natural materials, such as wood, is a great way to add warmth to your living space.

So, how do you create an accent wall with wood? First, you have to find the right type of wood. Try to hit the salvage yard and look for antique trim or lumber that has been taken from an old house. Choose something with real character. If you are unable to find something vintage or you’re on a budget, then fake it! You can buy wood from a building supply shop and paint or stain it. The choices are endless when creating a beautiful wooden accent wall.


Go neutral if you’re concerned that going bold could dominate the look of the entire room. A neutral accent wall will still serve the purpose of adding dimension to your room – besides you can always take your risk with decorative accents.


Lighting is an integral component of a home, and it can definitely transform any room into something very attractive as long as you know how to pick the right light fixtures and position them accordingly. When it comes to creating an accent wall, lighting has a magical effect. If you opt for a simple wall, adding some lights to it can make it stand out. Look at the picture below, the wall is covered with wood but the accent lights make a huge difference.

Graphic Paintings

Making an accent wall doesn’t have to be a huge investment or a major renovation either, for that matter. Simply hanging some artwork can do the job as long as you look for unique and eye catching works like the graphic paintings below.


A backsplash is commonly seen in the kitchen area, but you can also use it to decorate a wall in your bedroom or living room. You can utilize bricks, tiles, and many more. Choose something with a striking design.

Colorful Frames

This one is a fun project you can do on your own or with the kids!  Make use of scrap materials, pieces of wood, and paint. Create some frames in different sizes and paint them in various colors. You can then arrange them creatively on the wall. As simple as that!  (Hint:  We love this for a kids room)

Blackboard Wall

Blackboard walls are quite popular nowadays. Pick a wall in your home and transform that into a blackboard wall. Once done, use your creativity to design it. You can draw just about anything on it, have guests sign notes, and even change it seasonally or even daily.

Huge Clock

Again, we want to reiterate that creating an accent wall doesn’t have to break the bank. By simply decorating an empty wall, you can have an impressive accent wall at the end of the day. The colorful living room in the image below is made more attractive by that huge wall clock.

There you go with numerous ways to create an accent wall. Pick one and have fun!




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