7 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Home For The Spring Season

Turning the corner from Winter into Spring is an exciting time.  We’ve weathered the proverbial storm, the world starts to have a little more color, and we feel inspired to refresh our spaces to reflect the change.  

Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean cleaning out the closets and the gutters but it means shedding some layers (literally) and making room in your home for the new season that is approaching.   

Seven ways to refresh your home for the Spring season, without making any drastic changes… 


Throw blankets

Not only are heavy blankets too much for Spring from a temperature standpoint, but visually they can winterize a room.  Say farewell to your faux fur and cable knit blankets and bring out the light colored cotton weaves and linens.  

Layering multiple shades of white and neutrals make your space feel both airier and larger. 



Decorating with flowers is the quickest, easiest, most impactful way to bring the Spring indoors.  There’s a reason why real estate agents always urge their clients to purchase fresh flowers when selling a home and that’s because they pack a big punch.  Nothing says April like a vase of tulips. Are you with me? 

Also see: daffodils, eucalyptus, hyacinths, hydrangea, ranunculus and really anything else at your local market. 


Throw pillows 

Looking for an easy change you can make in just seconds? Swap out your throw pillows throughout your home for a quick refresh that will make your space feel brand new. 



Scent is the first sense that kicks in when you enter into a space.  If you are someone who puts out pine candles in wintertime, switch them out to fresh, floral, or citrus scents so your home will not only look refreshed, it will smell that way too. 


Table Settings 

Opt for fun, bright or light dishes to rotate in for the warmer months and keep them in storage the rest of the year.  If you dont want to change out your dishes, what about placemats and napkins?  



Swap out heavy drapes for gauzy, breezey, light ones. Velvets swaps out for linens or anything else that will let the sunshine in. 



At RHD we love decorating with greenery.  You may have lost some of your leafy friends over the cold winter months – if so it’s time to revive or replace them.  Nothing brings life, depth, dimension into a room like a plant!  

Depending on your degree of green thummage (not a word but go with it) – opt for a fig tree, a bird of paradise plant, and for those of you who are a bit challenged in that department – a snake plant.  If you really want to keep it low maintenance, there are great artificial trees out there now too – we won’t judge you! 


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